Based on a company’s responsibilities and obligations to the society, Etron establishes this policy to demonstrate our determination to operate sustainably and take into account the development of the environment, society and corporate governance. In order to effectively carry out and implement the sustainable development of the company and meet the expectations of stakeholders, the scope of this policy covers issues and topics such as employee care, social participation, environmental protection, workplace safety, green products and innovation, value chain management, and corporate governance, to respond to the concerns of stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, partners, customers, governments, investors, and communities.


Environmental protection: Etron is committed to comply with environmental safety and health and green product regulations, and provide energy-saving products, assess the potential risks and opportunities of climate change for enterprises, and formulate and implement strategies to reduce environmental impact such as energy conservation and carbon reduction, water reduction, and waste resource recycling.


Social Responsibility: Etron implements the concept and idea of “taken from society and giving back to society”, exert influence on stakeholders to achieve their expectations. Internally, we improve employee benefits and provide a safe and healthy working environment; externally, we require suppliers to abide by environmental, safety, health, human rights and other relevant norms, promote green procurement without using conflict minerals, and work together for sustainable development.


Responsible Governance: Etron formulates and implements corporate integrity management policies and management procedures, establishs a supervision mechanism to fulfill the responsibility of corporate officers, and protect the lawful rights and interests of shareholders and take into account the interests of other stakeholders.