Supply Chain and Envirnoment

Supply Chain and Envirnoment

Green Operation

Environment, Safety and Health Policy

  • To comply with government laws and regulations, abide by international environmental safety and health and energy-related trends and green product regulations and other relevant requirements

  • To reduce energy consumption to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, thereby increasing carbon reserves

  • To encourage the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials and resource recycling to reduce resource consumption

  • To provide a safe and healthy working environment to reduce the risks that personnel are exposed to when performing operations in the workplace

  • To continue to communicate and expand consultation and participation with employees, suppliers and the public, and implement policies on environmental safety, health, energy and green product management

Air Pollution Control

Etron is an IC design company. Since Etron is not engaged in the production and manufacture of products, there will be no air pollution behaviors regulated by national laws and regulations in operation activities. In order to fulfill the responsibility of corporate environmental protection, Etron also sets management policies for air pollution prevention and control as follows:

  • Regularly and continuously pay attention to issues and regulations related to air pollution
  • Reduce activities that cause air pollution
  • Reduce air pollutant emissions

Waste Management

1. Waste Policy

For environmental load reduction and natural resources preservation, Etron has formulated and established management policies for waste generated in daily business operations as follows:

  • Comply with national laws and regulations related to waste management
  • Promise that our products do not use prohibited substances and raw materials
  • Actively promote waste reduction and recycling

2. Recycle and Reuse

Besides domestic waste, recyclable waste generated by Etron has been 100% recycled by certified waste recycling plants. Reuse rate of warehouse packaging materials is over 50%.

3. Waste Disposal

With no in-house manufacturing operation, there is no hazardous waste generated by Etron daily operation. Scraps of IC hardware are periodically disposed and handled by ISO14001 certified waste disposal companies and declared by regulations.

Water Resources Management

1. Water Resources

As an IC design company, Etron is not engaged in the activities of products production and manufacture, so there is no need for water for such aforesaid processes. After evaluation, although Etron will not cause obvious environmental impact on water resources and the ecological environment of water sources, it may be affected by water shortage caused by extreme weather. Therefore, Etron has formulated and established water resources management policies as follows:

  • Improve water use efficiency
  • Assess water resource risks and response plans, and manage and control water shortage risks

2. Water Saving Target

With no in-house manufacturing operation, air-conditioning water usage is the major contributor of Etron's water consumption. By optimizing water cooling tower conversion factor, comparing with 2019, the annual consumptive use of water per clean room area has been reduced by 9% in 2020. Etron will keep the "annual water consumption lower than 8 CMD/m2" goal till 2025.

3. Meet Wastewater Discharge Regulations

With no in-house manufacturing operation, there is only domestic sewage generated by Etron. By perodic maintenance of sewage treatment system, it is assured that the emitted wastewater can meet the sewage discharge regulations.

4. Disclose Impact Through CDP Platform

Etron has furthered its commitment to environmental transparency by disclosing its environmental impacts through CDP, a global non-profit charity that runs the world's leading environmental disclosure platform, since 2020 by completing CDP's annual WATER SECURITY questionnaire.