About Etron

Company Overview

Etron Technology Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) is a world renowned fabless IC design and product company founded by Dr. Nicky Lu in the Hsinchu Science Park (February 1991). The company specializes in the production and research of buffer memory, logic chip designs, electronic applications, and system-on-chips. Etron pioneered Taiwan’s National Sub-Micron Project and developed Taiwan’s first eight inch wafer sub-micron and VLSI process technology, building a solid foundation for the DRAM and SRAM industries in Taiwan. With Taiwan’s advantageous geographical and financially strategic location in the Asian Pacific region, Etron strives to bridge the borders between neighboring countries and the international marketplace by conducting active business with companies in the US, Europe, Japan, as well as other Asian countries. These international business opportunities have won the company with important, stable, and long term relations. 


The development of semiconductors towards AI is driving the rise of the integration of technology, life, and wisdom into a new economy with huge business opportunities. This causes the emergence of technological innovation, application, and healthy ecology to support sustainability. Etron Tech Group uses IC products to practice “Multiple Pervasive IntelligenceN Application” that endows electronic products with AI that provide the capabilities of brains, eyes, nerves, and privacy. This is all to develop innovative products and enrich life values. Etron’s Smart Memory – buffer memory products – acts like brain memory. Its USB4.0 (Type-C) PD products are like nerves that provide connectivity and the 3D Eyes/XR/eCapture ICs are like eyes that provide multiple vision computations (MultipleVision Computing) for machines. The premise is to provide data analysis with personal information protection through private computing, so the era of big data has more privacy. 


Etron Tech is the pioneer and leader of KGDM (Known Good Dice Memories) – the bare-die memory. KGDM bare die products can be mass-produced without packaging and  enables Stacked-Die  System-Chip in one package. Hence, this fulfills the Multi-Dimensional Heterogeneous Integration, technology that memory-researchers are eager to break through. According to recent statistics, the cumulative sales of KGDM bare die has reached 2.5 million. After reaching this astounding feat, Etron is awarded the Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Award by Intel.


As a leading manufacturer of Specialty Buffer Memory, Etron offers cutting-edge Known Good Dice Memory(KGDM) and Consumer Electronic DRAM(CEDRAM) technology. Etron’s full-line of Speciality Buffer DRAM chips are available in 8 Mb, 16 Mb, 32 Mb, 64 Mb, 128 Mb, 256 Mb, 523 Mb, 1 Gb, 2 Gb, and 4 Gb. They are designed to ensure high processing speed and low-power consumption for AIOTs, display panels, VR/ARs, Robots, Automobiles, and Communication and Computer Applications.

Etron has also developed the world’s first wafer-level chip-scale micro package(WLCSP) and 256Mb RPC DRAM for computing devices. This development has both cost efficiency and lower consumption advantages. The RPC Dram combined with machine learning vision technology (eY3D Microelectronics) can create the world’s smallest 3D image recognition system that can be installed in wearable products and microscopes.


The integration of Etron Tech Group’s resources offer USB Type-C solution designs and products that specialize in power delivery, audio and video streaming solutions, high speed transfer interfaces, and high performance. The USB Type-C’s development and reputation of successfully helping its clients enables system providers to capitalize on this emerging and fast-growing market.


In response to the rise of AR, MR, and VR markets, the demand for environmental visual sensing and capturing has rapidly increased. By utilizing 3D Natural-Light AI-Vision IC/Platform Technologies, including 3D image & depth-map capture control ICs, 3D dual and multiple lens visual processor, spherical 360° camera products, and other technology, the company is actively developing the next generation of IC products and providing integrated solutions from Design to Mass (D2M) Integrated Turnkey


Etron has also invested in the field of information security and privacy protection. Researches have been conducted to analyze big data and de-identify personal privacy information as a way to find the needle in the haystack. This has led Etron to develop the privacy processor (PPU) which can ensure protection for users’ personal information and data. Through the development of algorithms to analyze data, PPU is able to achieve de-identification through the application of high-precision AI prediction models. Besides privacy protection, PPU can be used to analyze consumer behavior as well.


Etron has maintained the flexibility, agility, and focus of its fabless IC design and products from establishing strong partnerships with leading foundries and companies with complementary skills and different specialty segments. Moreover, Etron actively upholds attentive customer service and has created a highly competitive product line in terms of both niche buffer memory solutions and next generation webcam controllers. In particular, the combination of increasingly ubiquitous USB3.0 host and device controllers enables more innovative and creative productions of advanced IC, especially in the 3D IC sector which offers a powerful tool to drive any company’s growth. Lastly, in response to the advent of the IntelligenceN era, Etron strives to promote diverse application of heterogeneous integrated system chips. Etron has therefore played a prominent role in a new era of Pervasive Intelligences!