Join us at #CES2024 to witness cutting-edge solutions empowering electronic products with AI capabilities. Etron, a pioneer in innovation, leverages IC products to actualize ‘Intelligence, Autonomy, Connectivity, and Confidentiality,’ mirroring the functions of brains, eyes, and nerves. Ensure privacy as well. Committed to enriching life values, we invite you to explore how we redefine the future.

CES Innovation Award 2024/2023

DeCloak Intelligence – an Etron Company – has been honored with CES Innovation Award for 2 consecutive years, will continue to showcase innovative privacy-preserving facial recognition and surveillance solutions with multimodal AI models this year. Do not miss out!

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Intelligent DRAMs encompass a spectrum of solutions tailored to specific applications, including Application-Driven Buffer Memory, Known-Good-Die Memory (KGDM), RPC DRAM® (RPC®), LRTDRAMTM, and innovative AI/ML Add-on DRAM Solutions.


Etron’s DRAMs provide benefits of continuity of supply, long-term reliability, wide temperature range operation, low power, and small form factors. We will demonstrate LRTDRAMTM , RPC DRAM® (RPC®), Automotive DRAM platform, and the whole Longevity product series at CES 2024.

The preeminent E-Marker supplier globally, eEver (An Etron Company), has successfully attained USB-IF Certification for USB4™ Version 2.0 and Intel Certification for Thunderbolt™ 5. eEver’s USB Type-C Cable ID Controller, the EJ903x, is designed to align with USB-IF’s latest USB4® v2.0 Specification, enabling the remarkable USB 80Gbps performance across four channels. This controller facilitates bi-directional data transmission over USB Type-C® cables and connectors. Furthermore, it boasts certification as a Thunderbolt™ 5 E-Marker IC, heralding the introduction of next-generation, high-performance electrical cables to the market.

This new generation of automation presents opportunities in robotics, retail, and the Metaverse. Our value proposition is to use application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and sub-system designs to realize AI as a service.


eYs3D has evolved from 2D Image Signal Processing (ISP) to 3D Stereo Vision / 3D Sensing Solutions, historically serving numerous large clients in unmanned stores, VR equipment, and robotics with visual chips, 2D/3D sub-system solutions, and 3D Sensing Camera Module. From 2024, eYs3D is adopting the “AI +” concept, integrating AI and other software and hardware accelerator technologies into existing legacy products to realize the concept of “useful AI”. This includes expanding beyond the existing 2D/3D and Stereo vision modules to include AI SoCs and other sub-system designs.


Additionally, to address the needs of future medium and large systems (like robots and drones) that require more sensor integration and processing, we have introduced a range of chips, sub-systems, and software designs to help customers achieve their deserved commercial value.

DeCloakVision is an innovative privacy-centric surveillance system which protects individual privacy while enabling the targeted observation and tracking of specific activities. DeCloakVision is designed to run on both cloud and edge computing platforms, providing flexibility and scalability to meet varying surveillance needs. The system employs decentralized AI models, harnessing differential privacy and quantum-safe homomorphic encryption technologies for secure and anonymous tracking without compromising identities or public privacy.