Memory ICs

Non-volatile Flash Memory Solution

FLASH Memory is a kind of non-volatile memory. Flash memory can keep data for a long time without current supply. Its storage characteristics are equivalent to hard disks. It becomes the basis for the storage medium of various portable digital devices. Flash memory combines the advantages of ROM and RAM and has the performance of electronically erasable and programmable design. It will not lose data due to power failure, and has the characteristics of fast data reading.


e.MMC is an embedded non-volatile memory device system, consisting of NAND Flash and NAND Flash controller, and is packaged on a chip in a thin and short BGA to meet the needs of large-capacity storage and high-reliability applications. Suitable for common storage components such as many consumer electronic devices (including smartphones, tablets and mobile network devices).


As the growing demand of more density for boot code and data storage, SPI NAND Flash and e.MMC gradually takes over SPI NOR Flash and Parallel NAND Flash with low pin count and cost advantages. Etron has developed the controller technology for more than 10 years, so we can provide the best embedded boot device solution for diverse applications.

Product Category
Product Line Density
SPI NAND Flash 1Gb ~ 8Gb
e.MMC 4GB ~ 128GB