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Flash Memory Solution

FLASH Memory is a kind of non-volatile memory. Flash memory can keep data for a long time without current supply. Its storage characteristics are equivalent to hard disks. It becomes the basis for the storage medium of various portable digital devices. Flash memory combines the advantages of ROM and RAM and has the performance of electronically erasable and programmable design. It will not lose data due to power failure, and has the characteristics of fast data reading. 


Etron’s Flash memory products are mainly NAND series flash memory, using the same SPI communication protocol as SPI Nor Flash. There is no difference in the speed of reading and writing, but the storage structure is the same as Parallel Nand Flash which has the same structure. Compared with SPI Nor Flash, SPI nand has the advantages of faster erasing and writing rate; however, it will also have bad blocks like Parallel Nand Flash during use, so it is also necessary to do Special bad block processing; SPI Nand Flash has an important feature compared to Parallel Nand Flash in which the chips itself has an internal ECC error correction module. The user does not need to use the ECC algorithm to calculate the error correction.The system application can simplify the operation of the code.


Etron’s SPI NAND Parallel flash has a capacity from 1Gb to 8Gb and adds a special function of continuous reading in terms of read efficiency. This product conforms to the JEDEC standard, which is beneficial to be widely used in communications, consumer, mobile devices, etc. Applications that use the product include switches, wireless routers, network surveillance cameras, driving recorders, high-speed bandwidth xPon/xDSL, set-top boxes, voice assistants, digital TVs, network storage servers, monitors, smart speakers, etc. In the future, the NAND+DRAM MCP business model will provide 1Gb to 4Gb capacity to facilitate the integration and application of system customers.

Product Category
Product Line Density
SPI NAND Flash 1Gb ~ 8Gb