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USB Connectivity Solution

Etron Tech Group, specializing in high speed transfer interface as core technology, develops IC solutions for USB Type-C and Thunderbolt high-speed transmission interfaces, including: USB Host Controller ICs, USB Type-C Function (CC+MUX) Controller ICs, eMarker ICs, USB Power Delivery Controller ICs, USB Audio/Video Capture Controller ICs, etc.


A new underlying protocol introduces for the latest USB4 specification and its compatibility with existing USB3.2, USB2.0, and Thunderbolt 3 to achieve the best interoperability of connected devices. The customers who initially employed USB PD3.0 thus continue the next generation USB4 products in various applications, such as PC, NB, Tablet, Docking, etc., for their market competitiveness. It promotes multiple applications such as AC adapters, Power Bank, Car Charger, and Video Dongle. In addition, the latest developed USB Audio and Video capture ICs, utilize our USB control technology, benefits the live games players that play and record the videos on e-sports at the same time.


Etron Tech Group provides customer orientation products and services, applying to different fields, including consumer digital products (cellphones, tablets), PC (desktop personal computer, laptop, and AIO), power banks, and computer peripherals/storage devices, docking stations, etc. Our mission and vision are to provide consumers high speed, high efficiency, and high power on 4C products (computing, communication, consumer, and car) to satisfy the needs for sharing data, audio & video, and power. Aiming at the growth opportunities of the connector/transmission cables which driven by the upgrade of USB4 and Thunderbolt4 both on the host and device products.

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