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In response to the rise of pan-reality technology* (XR), the demand for Environmental Perception, Thing Capture, and Contents rapidly increasing, Etron Technology Group as an IC subsystem provider, is committed to the development of semiconductor technology and products that integrate 3D vision with intelligence, which includes 3D depth image capture control ICs, 3D stereo, multiple vision depth image processing controllers, sophistical 360-degree camera products, etc. With its subsidiary eYs3D Microelectronics, it is now mass-producing and selling the 2D/3D Computer Vision Sensing Modules, cameras, and Depthmap Processing Units, thus providing AI added value to customers.


The company developed ultra-wide computer vision technology, Depthmap Point Cloud, algorithm and integrated the manufacturing of Machine-Vision Sensing Modules as well as single-eye, double-eye, and multi-eye 3D eCaptureTM  depth camera and turnkey development kit SDK for making Machine Learning modules to be applied in image recognition, 3D object recognition, 3D Hologram, etc. Hence, the company’s 3D Depthmap processors improve image pixels, update rate, ultra-wide view angle, and precision depthmap processing algorithm. It derives various products and is known as essential to the development of AI-Edge computing and deep learning.


In the future, the company’s core competencies in memory and computer vision, Etron Tech Group, will develop innovative technologies, sub-systems, and ICs with their proprietary computer vision technology, aiming at the niche market for AI-Edge products, IoT, industrial and service robots. It is now the designated partner of the worldwide manufacturing of AR/VR HMD, Thing Capture, Robot, Logistics, etc. It list among the leading 3D Depthmap technology companies in the world.

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