Occupational Safety and Health

Etron Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Management Policy

Etron is a fabless IC design and product company of excellence. The company offers cutting-edge Known-Good-Die Memory (KGDM) and packaged ICs, which cover low-power RAMs, DDR and SDR DRAMs, and system chips. Etron is committed to comply with environmental regulations and continuously improve the environment, safety and health (ESH) management based on the following guidelines:

  • To comply with regulations on the management of ESH and green products and meet relevant regulations.

  • To provide power-saving products with environmentally conscious designs.

  • To reduce energy consumption, prevent pollutions, and build recycling systems.

  • To promote eco-friendly packaging and reduce resource consumption.

  • To provide a safe and healthy working environment to prevent illness and reduce operational risks in the workplace.

  • To continually communicate and consult with employees, suppliers, and the public on the company's policy and commitment to the management of ESH and green products.

  • ISO 14001:2015

  • ISO 45001:2018

Contractor Management

  1. Define clear safety and health requirements in work contract
  2. Examine safety and health, educate and announce hazard notification before operation
  3. Supervise and control during operation
  4. Hold cross-team meetings to align, adjust work contents and in-sync communication when group working

Emergency Response

Developed emergency response plans, such as fires, natural disasters (earthquake and typhoon), power outages, gas leaks, chemical leaks and major infectious diseases. Relevant protective equipments are in place. Emergency response drills have been conducted periodically.

Fire Safety

  1. Arrange fire safety facility inspection with nonconformity declaration periodically
  2. Conduct various fire fighting trainings and evacuation drills
  3. Form emergency response team and exercise regularly

Earthquake Protection

  1. Conduct periodic building health check
  2. Ensure machine arrangement can meet floor load range standards
  3. Anchor nitrogen cabinets to floor to prevent topple over by earthquakes

Flood Risk

Periodic water sewage cleaning and water pumps setting