Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Primary Stakeholder CategoriesCommunication ChannelsCommunication FrequencyConcerned Issues
Government AgenciesPublic Information Platformbased on the nature of mattersRegulatory Compliance
Occupational Safety and Health
Green Products
Corporate Governance EvaluationAnnually
Supervisory Authority InspectionsAnnually
Policy Advocacy Meetingsbased on the nature of matters
Official Correspondencebased on the nature of matters
ShareholdersPublic Information Platformbased on the nature of mattersInformation Security
Product Liability
Talent Development and Retention
Monthly Revenue, Quarterly Financial ReportsAnnually disclosure
Shareholder MeetingsAnnually
Corporate BriefingsAnnually
Official Website, Phone, E-mailbased on the nature of matters
Suppliers/Contractors/OutsourcersSupplier/Outsourcer MeetingsWeekly /MonthlyRegulatory Compliance
Procurement Practices
Information Security
Contractor Agreement Organizational MeetingsAnnually
Construction Safety and Health Guidelinesbased on the nature of matters
Supplier/Outsourcer AuditsAnnually
Supplier Surveysbased on the nature of matters
CustomersCustomer Meetingsbased on the nature of mattersProduct Liability
Customer Service
Procurement Practices
Customer Satisfaction SurveysAnnually
Customer Auditsbased on the nature of matters
Customer SurveysAnnually
EmployeesLabor-Management MeetingsQuarterlyLabor Relations
Regulatory Compliance
Occupational Safety and Health
Employee Complaints Emailbased on the nature of matters
Employee Welfare Committee MeetingsMonthly
Management Meetingsbased on the nature of matters
Department Meetings and Performance ReviewsRegular
Internal Announcementsbased on the nature of matters
Safety and Health Committee MeetingsQuarterly


The company values customer feedback and takes a customer-oriented approach. We aim to deliver high-quality products and services in a timely manner, constantly improve our quality standards, and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Contact:Mr. Wang, Customer Representative

Tel:03-578-2345 (Ext.8268)



The company prioritizes the well-being of its employees by practicing fair and humane management. We establish transparent communication channels to maintain a good relationship with our employees, and we ensure that their rights and benefits are in accordance with the Labor Standards Law.

Contact:Mr. Lin, Employee Benefits Representative

Tel:03-578-2345 (Ext.8130)


Investor Relations

The company discloses various public information in accordance with legal regulations, but also has dedicated personnel, email box and phones to communicate with investors.

Contact:Ms. Hsu, Investor Relations Representative
Tel:03-578-2345 (Ext.8737)



The company follows the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles when dealing with suppliers. We encourage suppliers to participate in informal associations and conduct audit management to ensure quality and strengthen partnerships.

Contact:Mr. Chung, Supplier Relationship Representative

Tel:03-578-2345 (Ext.8228)