Innovative DRAM / KOOLDRAM

Innovative DRAM / KOOLDRAM


KOOLDRAM is the best-fit for automotive or KGDM (high-temperature applications)


Traditional DRAM cells leak charge over time which causes data loss, especially when the temperature rises; therefore, DRAM cells are periodically refreshed to prevent data loss due to leakage. In addition, the refresh rate needs to be further increased in higher temperature environments. However, frequent refresh will lead to higher efficiency loss during data accesses.


Etron’s innovative KOOLDRAM® can extend the retention time of DRAM substantially under the JEDEC standard, which is best-fit for high-temperature applications, such as automotive or KGDM, and brings significant improvements of overall DRAM performances.


In general, when the temperature is lower than 85°C, the efficiency loss for KOOLDRAM is half of that for traditional DRAM. As the temperature and product density increases, KOOLDRAM can offer a more significant improvement on product performance. For example, KOOLDRAM stays almost consistent with the percentage of efficiency loss at an increase of up to 3% at 105°C to 125°C (8Gb) while traditional DRAM may suffer approximately 36% of efficiency loss. The data certainly shows great benefits brought by Etron’s KOOLDRAM.


KOOLDRAM: lower efficiency loss of during data accesses

  • Etron’s innovative LRT (Long Retention Time) technology
  • JEDEC compliance
  • World’s longest retention time (tREF)
  • New circuit design
  • Significant performance improvement at high temperature
  • More robust cell storage
  • Best for automotive and KGDM applications
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