Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance

Risk Management

Risk Management Policy

In order to achieve the goal of sustainable operation and development, Etron has formulated and established risk management policies and procedures. Through the internal risk management organization, Etron systematically evaluates and manages the risks that may affect the achievement of corporate goals, and integrates risk management into operational activities and daily management processes to achieve goals of accomplishing corporate goals, improving management efficiency, providing reliable information, and effectively allocating resources.

Risk Management Organizational Structure and Responsibilities

  1. Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the highest governing body responsible for managing risks in the company.
  2. Risk Management Committee: The Risk Management Committee, led by the president of the company, appoints an executive served as secretary to coordinate the risk management team and jointly plan and execute various risk management activities and provides regular progress reports.
  3. Operational Units: Each operational unit in the company works together with the risk management team to identify, analyze, assess, and address risks. They also provide regular updates on the implementation of their corresponding unit’s risk management control activities.

Key Focus of Risk Management Execution

The company identifies and analyzes risks based on its strategic objectives and business operations. This is done by the risk management team and operational units. They prioritize and establish control mechanisms based on the impact and tolerance of each risk. This ensures that appropriate response measures are in place when dealing with risks, and detailed records of the management process and outcomes are kept. Regular reports are provided to the Risk Management Committee.

Risk Reporting and Disclosure

The company ensures that the process and outcomes of risk management are well-documented and preserved. This includes appropriately disclosing relevant risk management information in the annual report and sustainability report, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Revision of Risk Management Procedures

The company pays attention to the development of international and domestic risk management systems and periodically revises risk policies and enhances the effectiveness of management execution accordingly.