Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Management and Achievement

Intellectual Property Management Policy

Independent technology innovation research and development are the foundation of our corporate core competences. In order to achieve the goal of sustainable operation and development, Etron has formulated and established intellectual property management policies to accumulate and strengthen intellectual property assets to enhance product technical competitiveness and industrial applicability to improve corporate operating performance.

Management Department

The company has Legal and Intellectual Property Department dedicated to managing intellectual property rights. The department’s responsibilities include:

  1. Creating company policies and objectives for intellectual property management.
  2. Establishing and maintaining procedures for intellectual property management to ensure the company’s research results and business activities are under protection by appropriate means.
  3. Raising awareness of intellectual property rights among employees, encouraging them to protect the company’s research and development achievements and prevent unauthorized disclosure.
  4. Managing and utilizing the company’s existing intellectual property rights, promoting their application in the industry to enhance technological value and operational performance.
  5. Providing regular reports to the management team for the status, results, and future plans related to intellectual property management.

Patent and Trade Secret Protection

  1. The company has set up an internal system for proposing inventions, rewarding technology innovators, and using patenting or trade secret protection methods to increase their value.
  2. There is a Patent Review Committee within the company, consisting of key executives and external experts. They provide professional opinions on technology, patents, markets, and other relevant areas as needed. This ensures high-quality patents, strengthens competitive advantages, and explores industrial applications to maximize the benefits of existing intellectual property rights and improve operational performance.
  3. The company has implemented information security management policies and regulations to raise employee awareness about risks and ensure compliance with laws. These measures protect the privacy of personnel data and uphold customer rights.

Execution Status

The company has been actively operating and improving its intellectual property management mechanisms, with the following key updates:

  1. Routine education and training on trade secret protection were conducted twice in 2022 to enhance awareness and understanding among employees.
  2. As of the end of 2022, the company and its affiliated group companies have obtained a total of 765 granted patents in various countries.