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Etron Unveil Its Innovative Memory Solutions That Enabling Heterogeneous Memory Integration


[CES 2022]
Etron Unveil Its Innovative Memory Solutions That Enabling Heterogeneous Memory Integration

Heterogeneous integration certainly offers a solution for performance scaling that was regarded as the momentum to continue the development of the semiconductor industry. Etron Technology (TPEx: 5351.TW) – a leading semiconductor provider with both design capabilities of memory and logic – has successively develop several innovative memory solutions, which widely used in various emerging areas, including AI, 5G, cloud computing and automotive, etc.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) has dramatically increased the demand at the IoT edge. In response to this demand, Etron’s world’s first DRAM in Fan-In Wafer Level Package – RPC® DRAM, which supports high bandwidth and reduce form-factor. With the advantages of cost performance and low power consumption of RPC® DRAM – making it the ideal memory for use in many wearable devices, and miniature AI cameras on IoT devices, etc. Observing the customer’s demand for product use, Etron employed a new business model and launched a Controller + DRAM total solution.
In addition to emerging memory development, Etron continues to strengthen its specialty DRAM development, which recently developed KOOLDRAMTM products through DRAM circuit design. It can significantly extend the retention time of DRAM under the JEDEC standard, best for the high-temperature applications, such as automotive and KGD, the overall DRAM performance can be significantly improved under the condition of high temperature.
Etron Technology’s complete line of specialty DRAM products include SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and LP DDR2, which provide densities ranging from 16Mb to 8Gb, number of I/O bits from 4 to 64 bits. Among them, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 high-capacity products are mass-produced with a 2x nm technology node. Meanwhile, Etron’s 512Mb DDR2, 512Mb DDR3, 1Gb DDR3, and 2Gb DDR3 DRAM products have been adopted and mass-produced by major manufacturers of smart speakers, robotic cleansers and AI edge devices.
As for Mobile DRAM, currently 256Mb LPDDR2 products spec with low power consumption and 32 1/O bits. They are not only suited for integration into the 4K display, but also the 360-Degree Spherical camera solutions, which support high-resolution 3D stereoscopic recording. This impressed the users with a specific and distinct image, thus making the immersive experience even better.
Moreover, Etron provides a complete DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM and SPI NAND memory solution for the gateway application. With the verification of the world’s major networking chip makers, the company ships to world’s first-tier customers now.

About Etron Technology, Inc

Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) is a world-class fabless IC design and product company specializing in application-driven memories, smart ICs and 3D heterogeneous integration multi-die solutions offering product differentiation for its system customers. The key products include CE & IOT-DRAMs, Known-Good-Die (Fully Tested Bare Die) DRAM, High-Speed USB Type-C Controller Chipsets, 3D Natural-Light Depth-Map Video Endpoint Processing ICs / Platforms and the smallest & lightest Spherical 360° video capture controller ICs and subsystems.

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