CC+MUX Controller ICs

CC+MUX Controller ICs

USB Type-C (CC+MUX) Controller IC

USB Type-C (CC+MUX) Controller IC, the EJ179x series supports control signals for external power switches, allowing the reversible plug to work either right-side up or upside-down. As CC logic is integrated, the EJ179 reduces the number of components and PCB space occupied while meeting the USB Type-C specification requirements.


EJ179x series enable unprecedented speeds of 10 Gbps, supporting rapid transmission of data, files, audio and video. The EJ179 enables higher voltage and current, capable of supplying 3A at 5V, or 15W of power. The EJ179’s power and communication features will allow low-power-consumption devices such as phones to be powered via USB.


The USB Type-C specification supports high bandwidth, a new slim connector, and reversible plug orientation and cable direction, presenting IC designers with challenges in data and power signal transduction and detection. Having deep expertise in USB 3.0 technology, and having developed USB 3.0 physical layer (PHY) and controller IP and software know-how, we has overcome these challenges. The EJ179x supports the fastest speeds of 10 Gbps, enhances signal integrity performance, supports the new version of signal detection, and meets the requirements of data, video and power signal transmissions. Thus, Etron Tech demonstrates its pioneering advantage in USB technology, providing an innovative new product to system manufacturers who can seize the consumer market opportunity rapidly. All of USB chips and its friendly, consolidated platform will help system manufacturers accelerate their development of USB Type-C products and achieve success together with us.

  • USB SuperSpeed (SuperSpeedPlus) switch
  • Support up to 10Gbps signaling
  • 4 to 2 differential, bi-directional channel multiplexer/de-multiplexer switch with Hi-Z outputs
  • CC (Configuration Channel) logic
  • Support CC voltage detection for USB host application
  • Support up to 5V/3A Type-C current rating
  • Support control signal for external power switch of USB Type-C based port application
  • If grey-shaded in the table, indicates older generation products, NOT recommended for new designs
Product Name CC Logic / MUX MUX Speed MUX Channel Package Type Body Size Datasheet
EJ279S_MUX_Full MUX 10Gb/s 6:4 4-Channel 40-QFN 3mm x 6mm Contact Us
EJ179S_MUX_10G MUX 10Gb/s 2:1 2-Channel 24-QFN 4mm x 4mm Contact Us
EJ178L_5G/8G Switch MUX 8Gb/s 2:1 2-Channel 24-QFN 4mm x 4mm Contact Us
EJ178V_PCIe 8G Switch MUX 8Gb/s 2:1 4-Channel 42-TQFN 3.5mm x 9mm Contact Us
EJ179H_CC logic CC NA NA 16-QFN 4mm x 4mm Contact Us
EJ179J/L, 179F/G_CC logic/OTP /DRP CC NA NA 16-QFN 4mm x 4mm Contact Us
EJ179V, W_ CC+10G MUX CC+MUX 10Gb/s 2:1 2-Channel 32-QFN 4mm x 4mm Contact Us