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Etron Unveils Breakthrough New 3D“ThingCaptureTM” System Platform


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Etron Unveils Breakthrough New 3D “ThingCapture” System Platform
3D Object Capturing and 3D Printing in a Turnkey Process

Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) has developed a breakthrough new capture, storage, and production technology, propelling human civilization into a new era. By combining Etron’s proprietary technologies of 3D image capturing and 3D printing, Etron has pioneered the 3D “ThingCapture” System platform. “ThingCapture” enables 3D image capturing and 3D printing in a turnkey process, thus providing a convenient way for precious objects or things to be preserved permanently and saving memories for ages!

With 3D depth-map image signal processing and sensor ICs as the base, Etron’s “ThingCapture” System platform uses two cameras for 3D image capturing and can provide a complete, full-color, three-dimensional digitization of the real life object in a natural light environment. During the process of 3D scanning and capturing of human bodies, there are no active light sources (such as laser, structure lighting or infrared) needed, so there is no negative effect on the human eye. If higher resolutions and details are required for industrial usage, “ThingCaptureTM” can use added lasers or structure light as aids for precise object reconstruction. With embedded advanced algorithm, the platform delivers high-performance depth-map images, colors and textures in 3D and simultaneously produces the object shapes and models for 3D printing.

Through the combination of 3D image capturing and 3D printing, Etron’s “ThingCapture” has a very wide range of applications, including personal digital collections, computer game avatars, 3D animation special effects, body scanning, custom action figures, reverse engineering, virtual reality, augmented reality, and many more. The significant advancements of the “ThingCapture” technology are using all-electronics techniques without a lot of extra mechanics or special sources as previously existing scanning systems, offering lower manufacturing cost and thus providing more affordable cost for general consumer usages, and achieving higher performance even with mobile convenience by portable operations as well as outputting high quality and fidelity of digital data for storage, manipulation and transfer.

Etron Technology’s breakthrough 3D “ThingCapture” System platform uses high-quality ICs to integrate 3D capturing and 3D printing, saving a considerable amount of time, manual effort, and expense. Compared to traditional 3D modeling, Etron’s special platform offers a shortened lead time, a simplified process, and reasonable prices, which will help 3D capturing and printing penetrate the consumer market more deeply.

Etron’s exciting new “ThingCapture” System platform brings together the mega trends of Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Mobile, and 3D Printing, thus creating new killer applications. Etron will display its innovative ICs and the 3D “ThingCapture” System platform at the Las Vegas CES on January 6-9, 2015. Please visit Etron’s Booth at #35329 LVCC, South Hall 4, Las Vegas, NV to learn more. Etron’s “ThingCapture” technology and platform will also be introduced online: please visit ThingCapture@YouTube, ThingCapture@Facebook, or for more information.

For further information, or to request a meeting at CES 2015, please contact:
Ms. Justine Tsai
Tel: +886-578-2345 ext. 8669