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Etron Is The First USB 3.0 Host Controller Supplier to Receive Microsoft Windows 8 Certification

Etron Is The First USB 3.0 Host Controller Supplier to Receive Microsoft Windows 8 Certification

Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) announces that its full USB 3.0 host controller IC product line, including the dual-port EJ168 and the quad-port EJ188 and EJ198, has received Microsoft Windows 8 certification. Windows 8 is expected to officially debut in the second half of 2012. Receiving Windows 8 certification before its launch solidifies Etron’s product competitiveness and standing as a leading technology provider, and consolidates Etron’s position in the USB 3.0 host controller IC market.

In order to help consumers identify high-quality products and so that computers and peripherals perform well together, Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform provides a system testing program. Only after passing a series of stringent tests can products receive Windows 8 certification, a must-have stamp of quality to provide assurance to computer and motherboard manufacturers and consumers. Etron’s entire USB 3.0 host controller IC product line has received Windows 8 certification, which will raise both the confidence of Etron’s customers and end-users in using Etron’s USB 3.0 products, thus creating a win-win for Etron and its customers.

Etron is one of the leading USB 3.0 host controller chip suppliers both at home in Taiwan and internationally. Its products have already been shipped to several well-known manufacturers, proving popular and garnering critical acclaim. As the two major CPU chipset manufacturers have built USB 3.0 native chips, Etron has expanded beyond the existing PC application space, moving into USB 3.0 host IC offerings for non-PC applications such as network attached storage (NAS) devices, routers, and docking devices. In addition, Etron is the first vendor whose products can support Mac OS. Etron’s solution includes complete hardware and software technologies, allowing for rapid design-in processes for translating a Windows-supporting platform to Mac OS, Linux, and other consumer electronics platforms.

Etron has independently developed a full range of USB 3.0 host and device controllers. The range includes the dual-port EJ168, quad-port EJ188 and EJ198 USB3.0 host controller ICs, and single-channel EV166, dual-channel EV268, and quad-channel EV368 flash drive controller ICs. In addition to all having received SuperSpeed USB Certification from the USB-Implementation Forum, all of Etron’s products support Intel’s official xHCI 1.0 specification. The entire product range is highly competitive from a performance and cost point of view. Etron welcomes system manufacturers to use Etron’s advanced and well-reputed USB 3.0 host and device controllers, capitalizing on the burgeoning USB 3.0 market opportunity to create value.

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