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Etron Technology Unveil Its Latest Technologies 4 Highlights: Innovative Memory, High-Speed Transmission, Pan-Reality XR, and Differential Privacy It Realize Diverse Applications of IntelligenceN

After two years, Computex ’22 returns to the physical exhibition. Etron Tech Group unveils its 4 latest technology highlights: innovative memory, high-speed transmission, pan-reality XR, and differential privacy. The booths are located in hall 1 on the fourth floor of Taipei Nangang Pavilion which includes smart technology solutions area (N1209), IDB Pavilion (My AI/My Daily Life M0812), and InnoVEX (L0706) as this year’s exhibition base for Etron Tech Group.  Etron’s tech group uses IC products to practice Multiple Pervasive IntelligenceN Application that endows electronic products with AI and provides the capabilities of brains, eyes, nerves, and privacy. This is all to develop innovative products and enrich life values.


Innovative Memory – LRTDRAMTM (Long Retention Time) & RPC®

Etron has also developed the world’s first wafer-level chip-scale micro package (WLCSP) and 256Mb RPC DRAM for computing-devices. This development has both cost efficiency and lower consumption advantages. The RPC DRAM combined with machine-learning vision technology (eY3D Microelectronics) can create the world’s smallest 3D image recognition system that can be installed in wearable products and endoscope micro cameras.

Moreover, the company develops diverse applications of IntelligenceN and continually-integrated KGD (DRAM bare die for heterogeneous integration). Thus, it enhances the resilience of all components in high temperature issues and meets the requirements of longer retention time as defined by the JEDEC standard in the era of heterogeneous integration. Etron launched the new LRTDRAMTM (Long Retention Time). Its retention time can still remain at a similar level of 85°C to 125°C (similar refresh time level). This innovative memory product can effectively reduce the power consumption of standard DRAMs and improve the efficiency of its system. Moreover, it enhances the reliability of DRAM used in high temperature systems like Industrial 4.0, automobiles, temperature and noise reduction electronic systems, etc.


High Speed Transmission – OIAC (Optically Isolated Active Cable) Solution

The USB Type C standard was officially approved and confirmed as the common charger for electronic devices by the European Commision, which speeds up the iPhone to make major changes to the charging port interface. It means Type C solutions will be widely adopted by both Apple and non-Apple camps. eEver Tech, an Etron company, emphasizes on USB Type-C® E-Marker controller IC and EJ903 which has been certified by USB-IF for USB4TM Cables and Intel for ThunderboltTM4 Cables. This positions eEver and Etron Tech as the world’s first supplier of USB-IF certified USB4TM and Intel certified ThunderboltTM4 E-Marker ICs, advancing next-generation and top-performing electrical cables to the market. At present, the OIAC cable has a length of 30 to 50 meters, which meets the 10 Gbps transmission rate (the highest USB3.2 Gen2 specification). The EJ903 OIAC is now adopted by the world’s first-tier customers for video conferencing. It is currently volume produced and widely used in the large meeting rooms. The integration of Etron tech group’s resources offer USB Type-C solution designs and products that specialize in power delivery, audio and video streaming solutions, high speed transfer interfaces, and high performance. The USB Type-C’s development and reputation of successfully helping clients enables system providers to capitalize on this emerging and fast-growing market.


Pan-Reality (XR) technology – 3D Depth Map Modules and ICs for 3D Sensing

In response to the rise of pan-reality technology*(XR), the demand for environmental perception, Thing Capture, and contents are rapidly increasing. Etron Technology Group, as an IC subsystem provider, is committed to the development of semiconductor technology and products that integrate 3D vision with intelligence, which includes 3D depth image capture control ICs, 3D stereo, multiple vision depth image processing controllers, sophistical 360-degree camera products, etc. With its subsidiary eYs3D Microelectronics, it is now mass-producing and selling 2D/3D Computer Vision Sensing Modules, cameras, and Depthmap Processing Units, which provides AI capabilities for customers.


eYs3D’s 3D depth image controller IC (eSP876) controls two horizontally placed sensors and receives their output data. The 3D image, after analysis, can generate a depth image of the depth distance of a photographed scene and can also be used as the depth-image data required for the development of somatosensory/gesture control. This provides system manufacturers an opportunity to expand related XR 3D image applications. In addition, the companies launched IC sub-systems – the world’s smallest 3D dual-lens vision module and visual SLAM module – which have the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof, and environmental adaptability. With its proprietary SDK developer kit, it can empower image recognition, gesture recognition, etc. Besides, it can also be used with the MediaPipe, which is released by Google as the best for real-time image tracking, functions the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) and AIOT smart home appliances. Thus, this makes AI more applicable to daily life.


Differential Privacy Application to IC Integration

To support big data analysis and de-identify personal privacy information to achieve the effect of not seeing the forest for the trees, DeClok, the company that co-fund with National Taiwan University, and Etron Tech started business in the software field. The self-developed patented algorithm of DeColak can protect the user’s personal data. This algorithm provides people’s footprint comparison and crowd flow analysis with privacy protection function in the form of an APP during the epidemic. The privacy processing chip PPU and its extended products are also developed, which are not restricted by any hardware device structure and can de-identify data to achieve the effect of protecting personal privacy. These patented algorithms analyze data and have been applied to high-precision AI prediction models. It is essential to analyze consumer behavior in the era of big data. For example, the “Epidemic Prevention Assistant” app has been developed to help Taiwanese people to Virtualization and check whether they are close to the epidemic or crowded places for self-protection.


The development of semiconductors towards AI is driving the rise of the integration of technology, life, and wisdom into a new economy with huge business opportunities. This causes the emergence of technological innovation, application, and healthy ecology to support sustainability. Etron Tech Group uses IC products to practice Multiple Pervasive IntelligenceN Application that endows electronic products with AI that provides the capabilities of brains, eyes, nerves, and privacy. This is all to develop innovative products and enrich life values. Etron’s Smart Memory – buffer memory products – acts like brain memory. Its USB4.0 (Type-C) PD products are like nerves that provide connectivity and the 3D Eyes/XR/eCapture ICs are like eyes that provide multiple vision computations (MultipleVision Computing) for machines. The premise is to provide data analysis with personal information protection through private computing, so the era of big data has more privacy.

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