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Seizing the opportunity in personal privacy and enterprise confidential information security, DeCloak will showcase innovative products at Computex 2023, including SOE Enterprise, an AI-powered sensitive information detection and sophisticated protection for cloud-based enterprise file management, and DeCloakFace system, a facial recognition system that ensures privacy by not storing original personal facial information

With the continuous wave of digitization and technological advancement, the security needs for personal privacy and enterprise confidential information are becoming increasingly important. Etron Tech (TPEx: 5351.TW) announces its intelligent technology brand, DeCloak Intelligences, will showcase its latest research and development product: “Cloud File Secure and Searchable Encryption Engine with AI-Driven PII and TSI Detection (SOE Enterprise)” for enterprise cloud file systems at Computex 2023. The engine not only enables searching and computation of data, but also provides reliable solutions for enterprise data security in an encrypted state.  DeCloak will also showcase its “DeCloakFace”, a trustable AI facial recognition system for obfuscated images that developed with advanced facial recognition technology for identity verification, it also implements de-identification mechanisms to ensure user privacy protection. These innovative technologies will provide enterprises with comprehensive and reliable data protection solutions and bring advantages to enterprises in protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and trade secret information (TSI).


The latest product introduced by DeCloak is SOE Enterprise – Cloud File Secure and Searchable Encryption Engine with AI-Driven PII and TSI Detection.  SOE Enterprise enables enterprises to systematically detect the risks of PII and TSI leakage associated with files that users intend to store or share, and proactively takes privacy precaution to encrypt or de-identify sensitive information so that users can search, analyze, and utilize sensitive files stored in the cloud in an encrypted or de-identified state. One of the major features of this product is that uploaded files will undergo a general or customized PII and TSI with AI scanning at the user end in an offline manner before the file is stored in the cloud or shared with others under encrypted or de-identified state. Even in an untrusted cloud environment, the content of the files is absolutely protected from any unauthorized third parties including cloud service providers.  SOE Enterprise is highly beneficial for individuals and enterprises with demanding requirements for personal privacy or trade secrets protection.

Etron Tech points out that DeCloakFace, developed by its subsidiary DeCloak Intelligences, is a trustable AI facial recognition system which does not store original identifiable facial images/information.  DeCloakFace is a breakthrough from traditional facial recognition systems that infuses absolute privacy protection. Its powerful and efficient privacy-preserving facial recognition AI engine has attracted attention from industries that require high level of information security to perform identity verification or multi-factor authentication before decision making such as: finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and access control.  As the application of facial recognition technology is becoming increasingly popular, DeCloakFace brings absolute advantages to the table.


It is worth mentioning that DeCloakFace has receieved CES 2023 Product Innovation Award under Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy category, and SOE Enterprise is honored with the TISA Research and Invention Award from the Taiwan Information Storage Technology Association. DeCloak’s privacy protection solutions have gained attention from Europe, America, and Southeast Asian countries, and are now widely collaborated and adopted by business practices.












About DeCloak

DeCloak’s privacy computing solutions can be deployed through either software or hardware. With DeCloak’s patented corresponding AI prediction algorithm, all data processed can remain highly analyzable while preserving total privacy. The processed data is transmitted to the background or cloud in a de-identified format, and enterprises can use the AI ​​prediction model to run data analysis and architect big data trends.


About Etron Technology, Inc.

Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351. TW) is a world-class fabless and heterogeneous integration IC design company that specializes in the application-driven buffer memory, known-good die memory (KGDM), and long-retention time DRAM (RPC DRAM), and other artificial intelligence and machine learning-induced DRAM products. Etron also develops system-in-packages, including high-speed transfer interface chips of USB Type-C and 3D depth sensing computer vision and panoramic image capturing chips.







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