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LyfieView™ Announces New Functions on its LyfieView™ App: Augmenting Spherical 360 Videos to Create「VR-3D Scenery」Designed for AR/VR Content Creators

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE[News Release]LyfieView™ Announces New Functions on its LyfieView™ App:Augmenting Spherical 360 Videos to Create「VR-3D Scenery」Designed for AR/VR Content CreatorseCapture Technologies, Inc. announced today (12/23) its newest function designed for AR/VR content creators on its proprietary app, LyfieView™, which facilitates the mass adoption of AR/VR content. By allowing AR/VR content to be easily recorded and shared, it aims to spark new VR applications and encourage new content creators and influencers in the AR/VR space.eCapture Technologies is a leading innovator in the next generation vision space and had previously raised over 200% of its funding target for its revolutionary LyfieEyeTM plug-and-play spherical camera for smartphones on Kickstarter during October – November 2016. It has since successfully shipped all backers’ orders within 40 days of the end of the campaign to users around the world. eCapture Technologies Vice President Mr. Sherwayn Tan expressed: “We received great feedback from our Kickstarter backers, who included designers looking to capture indoor and outdoor architecture and travelers wanting to capture the immersive beauty of their surroundings and scenery and to recreate their content in VR-3D. In order to satisfy our users, we will be launching new functions on our LyfieView™ app in 1Q 2017: LyfieArcadeTM. Designed specifically for AR/VR content creation, we believe that it will deliver fresh value for LyfieEye™ users in a practical and indispensable way.”Seeing huge potential for growth in the VR/AR industry, Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) previously launched the NeoEyeTM platform to enable spherical 360-degree image capturing for VR/AR applications. Etron Chairman Dr. Nicky Lu expressed: “The Lyfie™ brand has been successful with the LyfieEye™ product launch. The growth of Lyfie™ will be augmented by the launch of VR content creation within its easy-to-use app, with which users will soon be able to record both spherical 360-degree and VR-3D content. We are honored to support these applications and create new value for our customers. Through the integrated utilization of our IC products in hardware and software platforms, we can facilitate the recording of spherical 360-degree images and their conversion to various VR scenes. Also, making use of Etron’s DRAM production expertise, we are able to dramatically reduce the time to market and ensure cost effectiveness for our customers, enabling the rapid adoption of Lyfie™ 360-degree and VR content creation.”The upcoming LyfieArcadeTM will deliver new value for LyfieEye users for VR content creation. It will be launched on the LyfieView™ app (available on Google Play) after CES 2017. The features include: (1) ArchiVR@Lyfie – Easy-to-use feature for architecture, interior design, real estate and construction professionals and enthusiasts. Usable both indoors and outdoors and enabling measurements to be calculated for interior design and construction planning(2) TravelVR@Lyfie – Specially designed feature for the capturing and creating of immersive virtual travel experiences(3) SocioVR@Lyfie – Seamless feature for recording various social situations, which can be used for memories or sharing, and can also be used by businesses for Dr. Lu elaborated: “LyfieArcade™ addresses the needs of both professional VR users and LyfieEye™ consumers not only by providing an immersive photographic experience, but also being able to simply capture indoor and outdoor architecture, record great travel experiences, and sharing immersive scenes with friends and relatives in an unprecedented fashion. LyfieEye™ is smaller than a table tennis ball, weighing only 20 grams, and works easily with Android smartphones. eCapture’s Lyfie™ solutions present innovative breakthroughs in the VR space: Plug, Record, Share!”About Etron Technology, IncEtron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) is a world-class fabless IC design and product company, specializing in application-driven buffer memory and system-in-package, including CEDRAM, KGDM, USB Type-C high speed controller chipsets and 3D Depth-Map / Spherical 360° video capturing chipsets. About eCapture Technologies, Inc.eCapture Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It was built with the vision of bringing beautifully designed, high-quality and accessible innovative vision technology solutions into the hands of consumers across the globe. In the past, the company has raised investment and support from Etron Technology, a publicly traded company. LyfieEye™, a small plug-and-play spherical camera for smartphones, is the first of a series of products that eCapture Technologies, Inc. will be launching to the consumer market. Media & Press Contact: Justine Tsai/ Natalie Yu ( Company Representatives: George Wang (, President, eCapture Technologies, Inc. Tel: 408.987.2255Sherwayn Tan (, VP, eCapture Technologies, Inc. For further information, please surf :