IntelligenceN Heterogeneous Integration for All

CES will take place in Las Vegas, and Etron Tech Group would like to invite you to attend. CES is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Etron uses IC products to fulfill “IntelligenceN Heterogeneous Integration for All,” which endows electronic products with AI that provide the capabilities of brains, eyes, nerves, and privacy. All to develop innovative products and enrich life values.

Smart Medical for Human Live eSP777 – Dual Fisheye Lenses 3K2K Stereo Dewarp/Stitch Processor

  • Dewarping
  • Large FoV
  • High Resolution
  • Stereo Rx Input
eSP777, the 3K2K Stereo Dewarp/Stitch Processor with embedded KGD DRAM buffer, supports 180-degree de-warping and correction, accelerates AI inference at the edge, and achieves image refinement. It stitches 1080p 3D depth maps and forms high-quality 3D point cloud images and scenes. With wired or wireless transmission, the 3D point cloud character or object can be reproduced remotely as a virtual 3D holographic image, which can be used for augmented reality (AR) and 3D reconstructed scenes. It is a good solution, mainly because it is cost-effective in nature.