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eYs3D Microelectronics Partners with Etron Technology to Jointly Launch the Image Processing ICs – eSP678 /eSP778/ eSP777 – for AI Human–Robot Collaboration Platform that gives AI/ML Edge/Endpoint a

3D depth sensing has been treated as the “eyes” of AI technology, giving devices the perceptual vision capabilities to understand the environments & surroundings which is an indispensable part of AI, and is the key for deeper learning and feature enhancement. eYs3D Microelectronics and Etron Technology (TPEx:5351.TW) jointly launch the latest Image Processing ICs – eSP678/ eSP778/ eSP777 for AI Human-Robot Collaboration Platform that gives AI/ML Edge/Endpoint a new perspective. It is essential to the AI edge computing and deep learning development.1.Single Lens 4K Camera Processor–eSP678 With single lens, eSP678, the 4K Camera Processor supports recording high quality 4Kx2K color images, facilitate the computing vision of edge AI/ML, ideally for consumer electronics applications. eSP678 is a high-performance USB UVC and UAC controller chip, which supports USB3.1 Gen 1 and MIPI CSI-2 high-speed transmission interface. The embedded CMOS sensor processes the RAW data and provides high-resolution and high-frame-rate image streaming with a high-performance Image Signal Processing (ISP) engine that supports most UVC-defined image editing, such as color correction, automatic pixel compensation, and automatic white balance statistics, etc. 2.Dual Lenses 4K Stereo Vision Processor –eSP778eSP778, dual lenses 4K stereo vision processor, can be combined with two CMOS image sensors to build a full-featured and cost-effective 3D stereo image sensing module, which supports simultaneous image capture with both left and right lenses. It outputs synchronized videos at 60 frames-per-second through its USB 3.1 Gen 1 or optional MIPI CSI-II transmitter interface to the host systems. It produces high-resolution 2Mp depthmaps, RGB color images, and 2Mp point cloud images to achieve AI / ML image recognition and 3D-gesture control, known as the best cost-effective platform for AI Edge computing and deep learning.3.Dual Fisheye Lenses 3K2K Stereo Dewarp/Stitch Processor–eSP777eSP777, the 3K2K Stereo Dewarp/Stitch Processor, with embedded KGD DRAM buffer, supports 180-degree dewarping and correction, accelerates AI inference at the edge, and achieves image refinement. It can stitch the 3D 1080P depthmap and form the high-quality 3D point cloud images and scenes. With wired or wireless transmission, the 3D point cloud character or scene can be reproduced remotely in a form of virtual 3D holographic image. It can be used for augmented reality (AR) and 3D scene reconstruction; especially it is cost – effectiveness, best for the AI solutions.In the coming revolution of science and technology for various applications, like VR / AR / MR, AI, robot, smart car, etc., the computer vision subsystem plays a very important role in 3D Depth-map image. eSP678/eSP778/eSP777 work either indoors or outdoors, in bright or dark environments, and for both near and far distance, offering the best price/performance image processors for various applications. Welcome AI/ML machine vision hardware and software developers to jointly develop the win-win solutions!