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Etron's 3D Stereo Camera and Depth-Map Controller IC — eSP870 Wins COMPUTEX 2014 Best Choice Golden Award


World’s first real-time depth map output
Meets the demand of 3D Gesture / Body Motion

Etron’s 3D Stereo Camera and Depth-Map Controller IC — eSP870 Wins COMPUTEX 2014 Best Choice Golden Award

COMPUTEX, Taipei, May 27, 2014— Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) today announced that the company’s leading 3D Stereo Camera and Depth-Map Controller IC – eSP870, which supports dual sensors for 3D image capture and real time depth map output, received the Best Choice Golden Award of SmartTech at COMPUTEX 2014. Etron’s eSP870 controller and platform, featuring a small form factor, and simplified carrier board design. It meets the demand of system product design for body motion / gesture / face recognition and control, thus realizing the unique human-machine interface for Smart Homes. Semiconductor products are the foundation of the IT industry. We are now moving into the age of heterogeneous integration, but Etron has consistently strived to achieve its goals in terms of designing technologies that take into account both hardware and software, and developing IC products that bring exciting experiences into development.

The eSP870 chip simultaneously controls the timing and image quality of two horizontally placed HD cameras to mimic the function of human eyes in capturing 3D images or videos. It features a patented timing control mechanism to synchronize the left and the right images at up to 60 frames per second. Etron’s eSP870 chip and its platform come equipped with two HD 720P (1280×720) CMOS image sensors. Once the scene is shot by the platform, the depth map is generated by the eSP870, which then outputs the flexible and programmable depth-map image. The depth-map image is then transmitted to the host through a USB3.0 interface for advanced recognition. This breakthrough technology enables system developers and manufacturers to optimize the user experience by building a wide range of applications of unique human-machine interface for smart homes.

Body motion recognition and gesture control are the major drivers of the growth in the demand for 3D space capturing technologies. However, the current 3D space capturing solutions are expensive, and therefore they are difficult to become popular in the market because of the price. With excellent capability of IC structure integration, small form factor and high cost-performance ratio, the eSP870 chip and its hardware platform can be instantly adopted to smart TVs, smart monitors and laptops, and even to tablets and smart phones, thus providing system developers with the best solution. Thanks to the recognition by the Best Choice Award, Etron’s eSP870 has more opportunity to enter the global market of body motion / gesture / face recognition and to gain more exposures on international buyers, and it is believed to become one of the focus of attention in the Computex Taipei 2014.

Etron provides users with opportunities to interact with “Human-Machine Interface of Smart Homes”. For example, play games of 3D motion recognition and operate 3D scan and print in our booth. We warmly welcome you to visit our booth During the Computex Taipei 2014 from 3rd to 7th June. Our booth is No. G0653, Hall 3, TWTC.

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