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Etron Wins National Friendly Workplace Certification

Etron Technology was awarded the National “Friendly Workplace” Certification by the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan on Nov. 25th 2008 for its efforts to provide an equal environment for employees of different genders and assist workers to achieve a healthy balance between career development and family responsibilities.

“Friendly workplace” is a working environment where discrimination is prevented and gender equity is highly regarded. In efforts to build such an environment, Etron has made great efforts to prohibit sexual discrimination and harassment at workplace, and ensure that its evaluation standard is based on professional skills and work performance in terms of recruitment, compensation, and promotion, instead of gender differences.

As an IC design company, Etron always views human capital as an important asset and strives to fulfill employees’ needs. The company has offered various services to help employees achieve a good balance between work and family, such as free childcare with shuttle bus for the school children after class, recreational room, and library facilities. Pregnant workers can also enjoy benefits like reserved parking space, nursery room, and are given a special armband in the clean room for better protection.

The ability to provide an equal and respectful environment for employees of different genders is an important indicator of business competitiveness. Etron is honored to be one of the top 20 companies winning the national certification of friendly workplace. It will continue to make the utmost efforts to carry out measures that enhance such a working environment. The company believes that a friendly workplace not only helps employees fully apply themselves to work, but also enables the company to attract more talents, through which both the company and employees can work toward further growth and thus create the best synergy.

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