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Etron Technology Unveils Its 3D Scanning Platform and 3D Body Motion Game Console Platform at COMPUTEX 2014


Etron Technology Unveils Its 3D Scanning Platform and
3D Body Motion Game Console Platform at COMPUTEX 2014

Creating a Great User Experience by Introducing Unique Human-machine Interfaces for Smart Homes

Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351), renowned for its innovative IC products and R&D capability, today unveil the brand new platform which enables a wide range of next-generation applications including 3D Scanning Platform and 3D Body Motion Game Consoles Platform. Etron provides users with opportunities to interact with “Human-Machine Interface of Smart Homes”, experiencing advanced and user-friendly technology during the Computex 2014 (3rd to 7th June). Etron booth is No. G0653, Hall 3, TWTC.

Etron’s latest 3D Scanning Platform utilizes the company’s proprietary technology for 3D image capture and real time depth map output. It adds lasers light as an aid for precise object positioning. With advanced graphics algorithms embedded, the platform delivers high-performance depth-map images and texture collection in 3D and simultaneously output the object shape/3D model for 3D printing.

The combination of 3D scanning and printing can be widely applied to personal digital collections, computer game avatars, 3D figures animation special effects, body data capturing, custom action figures, reverse engineering, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and etc., thus accelerating the outputs of digital contents and improving the convenience in development. The demand for 3D scanning is substantial, and Etron’s 3D scanning platform enables system developers to launch 3D scanning and printing solutions instantly, therefore effectively stimulating the expansion in consumer market.

With excellent capability of IC integration and 3D objects capturing, Etron’s 3D scanning platform provides information which is needed for 3D printing. Unlike traditional 3D modeling, Etron’s platform offers short lead time and reasonable price, therefore effectively penetrating deeper into consumer market.

Body motion controlled games have become popular in mainstream game consoles for many years. However, users have to purchase exclusive game console and game to experience it. Moreover, some people cannot afford to purchase because of the price. Etron integrate game console and camera controller into its 3D body motion game console platform, and provide it with an affordable price. Thus, consumers can easily experience motion-controlled games with simple booting command and HD TV.

Etron’s 3D body motion game console platform, powered by Etron 3D Depth-Map Stereo Camera Controller IC, is Android ecosystem friendly. The highly integrated platform has excellent performance and small form factor, and it helps system developers instantly design custom 3D body motion game. Consumers can have the most advanced and reasonable-priced body motion game console, sharing their happiness with friends and families.

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