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Etron Technology Provides a Full Range of High-Performance Low-Power Base Buffer Memory Products Fully Established in the 30-nanometer Generation Replacement Will Introduce More Products for Rapidly G

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE[News Release][CES 2017]Etron Technology Provides a Full Range of High-Performance Low-Power Base Buffer Memory ProductsFully Established in the 30-nanometer Generation ReplacementWill Introduce More Products for Rapidly Growing Image Processing and Virtual Reality ApplicationsLas Vegas, Nevada, Jan 4, 2017 – Etron Technology, Inc. uses the advanced semiconductor 30-nanometer process in the development of a full range of high-performance, low-power, niche-type buffer memory (Specialty Buffer Memory). Etron has a full range of dynamic memory specifications including SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L and Low Power DDR2. Capacities range from 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb to 4Gb, and the number of input and output bits range from 4, 8, 16, 32 to 64 bits. In addition to the standard package TSOP and BGA package type, Etron also provides Known Good Die (KGD) custom die solutions. Etron’s products are currently being used in the mass production of clients. Etron’s product applications include being used in today’s mainstream technology trends of smart homes, tele-communications, cloud storage, industrial 4.0, smart vehicles and other fields. At the same time, Etron is actively developing products for emerging and growing trends like Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality (VR) applications.In the field of IoT, one exciting area is image acquisition, which is the basis of many huge industrial, residential, and lifestyle applications, for example, IP cameras. Etron Technology’s KGD solutions can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers, and at the multi-chip system level, Etron’s System-in-a-Package (SIP) technology helps to achieve low noise and miniaturization. In addition to the IP camera, the high-speed action camera and multi-axis aerial photography system (used with drones) are also hot applications for image acquisition. Etron Technology has a large number of domestic and foreign customers with established long-term partnerships formed on the basis of excellent technical services, cost advantages and high-quality products.With image acquisition and VR / AR related hardware and applications booming, Etron has developed products for their high-speed needs. Etron Technology will provide high-speed, Low Power DDR2 memory solutions, where a single memory can support 32-bit input and output and can also be combined to achieve greater bandwidth to serve image acquisition and VR / AR applications even better!Etron’s high performance and low power consumption niche buffer memory and application plans will be featured at CES 2017. Please visit Etron at Booth 36719, South Hall 4, Las Vegas Convention Center from January 5 to 8. For more information, please visit further information, please visit www.etron.comCorporate Spokesperson:Mr. Tony WangCorporate Deputy Spokesperson:Ms. Justine TsaiMs. Natalie Yu Tel: +886-3-578-2345#8668Email: