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Etron Technology Group’s Eys3D Microelectronics Pivots Off Extended Reality (XR), Presents a Diverse Human-Computer Interactive 3D Life Experience, Revolving AI, InnoVEX, and Intelligent Technological Solutions

Etron’s extended reality (XR) applications accelerates the developments of metaverse technologies! Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351) cooperates with Eys3D Microelectronics Corp. in developing innovative and pioneering technologies by combining computer vision chips, subsystem products, and experience in fields such as computer vision and memory ICs, targeting blue ocean markets such as terminal industries, customer-centric robots, and AIoT products. Such technologies and products will be presenting during the Computex 2022 event, at (1) Smart Tech Solutions (N1209), (2) Taiwan IDB’s (Industrial Development Bureau) AI Life Pavilion (M0812), and (3) eYs3D InnoVEX (L0706), showcasing 3D life experiences from human-computer interactive technologies.


eYs3D’s Presents Robots, AI Image Processing Technologies, and Metaverse Applications at the AI Life Pavilion (M0812)

eYs3D at the AI Life Pavilion presents machine-learning powered computer vision technologies, providing metaverse and robotic applications such as AI induced object identification and AI image processing. One of eYs3D’s presenting products G53, is currently the world’s smallest double lens-ed 3D visual camera modules, measuring at a size of 5.0 cm by 1.5 cm by 2.0 cm (length, width, height), and is especially useful in close-range, high precision, depth measurements, providing centimeter level depth differentiation and analysis abilities. The depth sensing camera modules are optimized and designed to suppress image noise and to adapt to a variety of light source directions and brightness levels. Equipped with active IR dotted matrix projector, eYs3D’s camera modules are capable of producing high-definition and high-density depth cloud modules, realizing the applications of computer vision technologies of high precision.

eYs3D will be presenting a series of 3D eye-vision simulating and vSLAM modules that are water and dust resistant, and other features of environmental adaptation capabilities. Paired with its independently made software development kit (SDK), eYs3D will be able to present its functions on site, such as 3D image identification and hand gesture identification. Its products will also be able to pair with Google’s released MediaPipe solution, and conduct real-time image tracking, bringing AI technologies closer to daily life, accelerating the universalization of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and AIoTs (Artificial Intelligence of Things).


eYs3D’s 3D Sensing and Computer Vision Module at the InnoVEX Exhibit (L0706)

eYs3D combines its self-developed 3D sensing and computer vision modules with its R&D resources to direct its technologies into applications such as XR, AI, robotics, and intelligent car technologies. eYs3D’s most eye-catching piece of technology at InnoVEX is its vSLAM technologies, providing an efficient 3D visual sensor that is compact in size and low in power consumption. Its D60i module is more suitable for medium to long range 3D sensing applications of within around 280 centimeters, utilizing monochromatic image processing to strengthen the output detail and quality, and providing alternative multi-color camera solutions for back-end image processing applications such as deep-learning algorithms. Equipped with IMU, the D60i provides the camera’s orientative posing information that can be further be used by SLAM applications such as scenario interpretation and space identification.

In addition, eYs3D’s self-following cart solution also attracted visitors with its interactive demonstration, especially during a time of global pandemic where touchless technologies are rather high in demand. The product analyzes the scenario in a 3D coordinated space, and is able to utilize 3D sensing technologies and computer vision modules to identify the human body as a coordinate. The automated vehicle is then able to follow along the subject of a constant distance through its built-in 3D sensing and computer vision module. So far it has been implemented and mass produced in small automated carrier vehicles such as carts and trolleys, which marks an important milestone in Industrial 4.0’s robotic automation and the diversification of applications.


eYs3D Presents Hardware & Software Development Platforms of AI/ML Enabled Machine Vision at the Smart Tech Solutions Exhibit (N1209)

Compiling with its strengths in IC memory and computer vision, Etron along with its subsidiary corporations pivots off IC subsystems to present AI enabled solutions of computer vision applications, revolving around robotics, automation, and computerization. eYs3D at Smart Tech Solution exhibition presents applications that of 3D x 2D computer vision processing chips with 3D image processing controller ICs as its core, including eSP876- Dual Lenses 3D image processing ICs, and eSP777- Dual Fisheye Lens chromatic image calibrative processors (with Etron’s Known-Good Die buffer memory). A complete array of camera module products provides the field with a resourceful AI/ML machine learning development platform of both hardware and software aspects, enabling applications of many, such as AR/VR HMD, Thing Capture, Robot, and Logistics. The compactness of these products also makes ease of implementation into different designs of various applications, not only lowering costs, but also facilitating in the acceleration of design, benefitting customers, system designers, and manufacturers.

Revolving IC subsystems, eYs3D works to fuse 3D eye-simulating vision intelligence with semiconductor technologies in designing creating innovative products and solutions, such as 3D image capture and control ICs, 3D dual lens and multi-lens depth sensing image processing chips and camera modules, and spherical panoramic cameras, etc. 2D/3D computer-vision sensing modules, depth-map processing units, and its cameras, are under mass production and sales, along with the option of incorporating customer faced AI applications.


*Extended Reality (XR) is a generic term of Augmented Reality (AR), Visual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies.

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