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Etron Launches Redesigned Website, Enhancing Cybersecurity Measures and Internet Safety Precautions



Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) announces its brand-new official corporate website ( on July 3rd, releasing to the public with its resourcefully arranged categorizations and freshly designed webpages, accompanied by strong cybersecurity precautions. Influences of COVID-19 in recent years have deeply affected corporate safety issues. The annual internet safety reports had moreover pointed out the heightening of malware attacks, supply-chain internet security, and cybersecurity issues, calling for action for precautions and preparations for such matter to be made to fight off cyber-attacks. Etron has recently introduced and established a holistic protection plan against such intrusions. Through precautions and preparations taken on network and information security with emphasis on “clarity, breadth, depth, and efficiency” Etron demonstrates its determination to take on the issues head-on, raising security measures and lowering risks.

Clarity- Renovating Old Places

Etron presents its re-designed website (, officially going live on July 3rd of 2022 with better functionalities, cleaner designs, and smoother webpage navigations, aspiring to bring the best services to our customers and more DRAM products in the future!


With Breadth and Depth,

Cybersecurity Maintained with Speed and Efficiency

Etron strengthens its management on internet and network security, protecting its employees and customers from attacks. Etron establishes an all-around, all-time multilayer network security system- propagating cybersecurity knowledge, strengthening corporate firewalls, and taking safety precautions by practicing reporting drills and procedures to maximize speed and efficiency when it comes to facing cybersecurity issues. Etron’s phishing and blackmailing prevention software, malware prevention and APT checkpoint protection precautions further strengthens the protection network.

About Etron Technology, Inc


Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) is a world-class fabless IC design and product company specializing in application-driven memories, smart ICs and 3D heterogeneous integration multi-die solutions offering product differentiation for its system customers. The key products include CE & IOT-DRAMs, Known-Good-Die (Fully Tested Bare Die) DRAM, High-Speed USB Type-C Controller Chipsets, 3D Natural-Light Depth-Map Video Endpoint Processing ICs / Platforms and the smallest & lightest Spherical 360° video capture controller ICs and subsystems.



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