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Etron Exhibits Its USB Power Delivery Platforms and System Applications on SuperSpeed USB Community at Computex 2014


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Etron Exhibits Its USB Power Delivery Platforms and System Applications on SuperSpeed USB Community at Computex 2014

Spotlight on SuperSpeed USB Community of International USB-IF at Computex 2014, Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) exhibits its USB Power Delivery (PD) platforms and system applications to enrich the overwhelming experience for USB charging. Etron in collaboration with system manufacturers successfully developed several system applications, which including: monitor, docking station, Notebook, power line, add-in card, front panel, enclosure, power bank, etc. With the maturity of the ecosystem of USB PD, It will bring a new wave of growth momentum for USB applications.

The new specification of USB PD brings consumers a lot of convenience. Etron will demonstrate the three most popular applications for USB PD at Etron booth at SuperSpeed USB Community as following:

(1)Dual Monitor Application

USB Interface is currently the most common data / information transmission interface. With power delivery added to the USB specification, it can not only deliver power between two monitors, but can also synchronize data / information transmission, even audio / video streaming on above. In this dual monitor application, the large sized monitor is known as the provider, who carries the direct current and delivers power. The Notebook is known as the consumer, who consumes power. The power adapter and battery is not the necessary to the notebook in this case.

(2)Desktop PC Application

In this application, the desktop computer carries the direct current, known as the provider. Any electronic devices that connected to the desktop computer considers to be the consumers, who can consume power via the USB ports. Etron’s USB PD platform automatically detects current sources and sinks, and performs a negotiated handshake via VBus with ease. It allows users to access simple Plug-and-Charge via USB and meets the needs of USB PD developers.

(3)PD Docking Station Application

The PD Docking Station (Provider) is the center of the power source. It delivers power to the connected electronic devices. Etron’s USB PD platform optimizes user mobility by allowing data transmission and power delivery to be combined on a single USB cable. In addition, it help users get rid of power adapter and battery in this application. As facilitating the function of USD PD, it is necessary that the system device endorse USD PD in the same time. Thus, the demands of USB PD chips will increase accordingly.

To view Etron’s USB PD platforms and system applications and meet with representatives at Computex Taipei 2014, please visit Etron’s Booth at # N0608 in Nangang Exhibition Hall on Jun 3 to Jun 7 this year. For more information on Etron products, please visit the company’s website at

For further information, or Request meeting at Computex 2014, please contact:
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