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Etron eSP868 3D Webcam Controller Wins 2011 IT Month Outstanding IT Applications/Products Award

Etron Technology, Inc. (OTC Code: 5351) eSP868 3D Webcam Controller wins the Outstanding IT Applications/Products Award, presented by Taipei Computer Association as part of Information Technology (IT) Month 2011.

“In the experience economy era, heart-touching drives service; service defines products. With a head start in experiencing riding the cloud, it opens up unlimited opportunities for ICs since it is a cornerstone of Heart Touching. The award-winning eSP868 3D Webcam Controller is a cutting edge product that supports dual sensors for 3D motion recognition to enable body/gesture controller interactive games. With Etron’s experienced chip design, eSP868 optimizes human-machine interfaces, which will simply convert the visual experience form 2D to 3D.” said Dr. Ben Wu, Vice President, Etron Technology, Inc.

The e868 supports HD and 30 frames per second. The eSP868 comes with the company’s proprietary 3D capture technology to support a variety of formats such as anaglyph, polarized and shutter lens suitable for video conferencing solutions. The eSP868 is ideal for 3D interactive games and other somatosensory uses. All the latest webcam controllers are designed to deliver the best viewing experience, and carry affordable prices.

The popularity of 3D image capturing, motion-recognition and display technology is growing fast, but the technology is complicated and the hardware price is high. It needs SoC technology to lower the cost, so as to penetrate deeper into the consumer market. Etron has achieved excellent sales results that put it in the forefront in the controller SoC for PC cameras due to its products’ low price and high quality. Based on the product line’s unique design, the eSP868 is a 3D SoC that offers high performance and low cost, creating competitiveness for Etron in the 3D webcam controller market. Etron has submitted a patent application for its in-house developed SoC technology, and is looking for cooperating with PC OEMs and system integrators to develop 3D webcams used in their 3C-related products.

About Etron Technology, Inc.
Etron Technology, Inc. is a world-class fabless IC design and product company specializing in buffer memory and system-on-chips. The company offers cutting-edge Known-Good-Die-Memory (KGDM) and Consumer Electronic DRAM (CEDRAM), including DDRI DRAM, DDRII DRAM, SDR DRAM, and Low-Power SDRAM. Its system-on-chip products include USB 3.0 host controllers and webcam controllers.

Etron focuses on premium-quality products and advanced technology development. Its products are widely used in network communications, optical disc drives, hard disk drives, digital TV and panels, digital set-top boxes, video graphics cards, portable devices and automotive electronics. The company has fostered long-term, stable, and cooperative relationships with many leading international companies.

Etron is following the industry trend of “Heterogeneous Integration,” successfully developing and combining memory and SoC for various applications. Etron continues to provide exceptional products and service, helping customers create significant value, a win-win situation for all parties.

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