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Etron EJ168 USB 3.0 Host Controller has received SuperSpeed USB Certification from the USB-IF

Etron EJ168 USB 3.0 Host Controller has received
SuperSpeed USB Certification from the USB-IF

Etron Technology, Inc. (OTC Code: 5351) reports that its EJ168 USB 3.0 host controller has received SuperSpeed USB certification from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). Fully backward compatible with the USB 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 versions, the EJ168 USB 3.0 host controller is based on the new version of the SuperSpeed USB standard. The EJ168 USB 3.0 host controller supports the world’s fastest USB transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps of data, 10 times faster than previous USB 2.0 transfer speeds, as well as improved power efficiency.

“The newly certified EJ168USB 3.0 host controller is a cutting-edge product with the world’s fastest access speeds and best compatibility. It meets xHCI (EXtended Host Controller Interface) specifications provided by Intel, enabling the accelerated adoption of USB 3.0 technology in computer and multimedia electronics products worldwide. With its completely independently developed IP technology, the EJ168 helps customers to optimize performance on each layer from the physical layer (PHY) to the driver and achieve the best overall system performance with consummate service and support,” said Dr. Nicky Lu, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Etron Technology, Inc.

“The momentum behind SuperSpeed USB continues to grow, and we are pleased that Etron’s EJ168 USB 3.0 controller is listed among the world’s certified SuperSpeed USB products,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President & COO. “With increasing demand, more products are being made available, offering consumers and manufacturers a broad range of solutions to choose from.”

To view Etron’s newly certified EJ168 USB 3.0 host controller and meet with representatives at Computex Taipei 2011, please visit Etron’s Booth at # F1611 in Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2 on May 31 to Jun 4 this year.

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Etron Technology, Inc. is a world-class fabless IC design and product company specializing in buffer memory and system-on-chips. The company offers cutting-edge Known-Good-Die-Memory (KGDM) and Consumer Electronic DRAM (CEDRAM), including DDRI DRAM, DDRII DRAM, SDR DRAM, and Low-Power SDRAM. Its system-on-chip products include USB 3.0 host controllers and webcam controllers.

Etron focuses on premium-quality products and advanced technology development. Its products are widely used in network communications, optical disc drives, hard disk drives, digital TV and panels, digital set-top boxes, video graphics cards, portable devices and automotive electronics. The company has fostered long-term, stable, and cooperative relationships with many leading international companies.

Etron is following the industry trend of “Heterogeneous Integration,” successfully developing and combining memory and SoC for various applications. Etron continues to provide exceptional products and service, helping customers create significant value, a win-win situation for all parties.

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