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Etron Announces the Official Launch of its New USB 3.0 Host Controller Chip, the EJ168, Supporting xHCI1.0 and Offering the World's Fastest USB 3.0 Read and Write Speeds

Etron Technology, Inc. (OTC Ticker: 5351) has begun mass production of its new USB 3.0 host controller chip, the EJ168, and is supplying volume to major computer manufacturers starting from October 2010. Etron is the first company in Taiwan to mass produce USB 3.0 host controllers. It is also a pioneer global provider of USB 3.0 controllers meeting the newest xHCI (Extended Host Controller Interface) 1.0 specification, enabling the accelerated adoption of USB 3.0 technology in computers and multimedia electronic products worldwide. The EJ168 allows customers to enhance their system specifications and elevate their products’ competitiveness with the best performance in the latest PC and consumer electronics platforms.

Since exhibiting USB 3.0 host controllers with the world’s fastest access speeds and best compatibility in June 2010 at COMPUTEX Taipei, Etron has been collaborating heavily with domestic computer and motherboard manufacturers, helping customers to optimize performance on each layer from the physical layer (PHY) to the driver and achieve the best overall system performance. With its completely independently developed IP technology, Etron is providing consummate customer service and support and is increasing customer’s flexibility in using USB 3.0 technology.

In addition, Etron has overcome the most challenging compatibility test. Its USB 3.0 host controller is interoperable not only with various other USB 3.0 products on the market, but also with mainstream USB 2.0 products, promoting a more rapid and holistic development of the overall USB 3.0 market.

Aligned with the USB 3.0 developmental trend, Etron is the first company in the world to successfully mass produce a USB 3.0 host controller supporting the final official xHCI 1.0 specification. Significantly, not only is this specification the latest official one provided by the USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum), it will also be supported by mainstream chipset makers in the future.

The main differences between the xHCI 1.0 specification and the current xHCI 0.96 specification are: 1) a different TRB arrangement, vastly improving driver and hardware efficiency and overall system performance; and 2) superior backward compatibility.

In addition, the EJ168 has received a Windows Logo certificate from Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL), representing mainstream acceptance of Etron’s wholly self-designed product and technology and ensuring that customer products will interact with Windows OS smoothly and provide a stable and superior performance.

Carrying the brand of a world-class IC design company, the EJ168 will assist domestic companies in developing new computer application platforms and make the most advanced USB 3.0 host controller available to computer and motherboard manufacturers worldwide. Thus, it will help customers improve their products’ value-add and overall competitiveness.

Etron believes that the EJ168 will not only improve the performance of computers but will also enable the development of new multimedia applications. Therefore, Etron can leverage the already solid foundations it has laid in specialty memory in various consumer electronics markets to boost sales, quickly extending USB 3.0 into markets such as 3D TVs, digital set-top boxes, printers, and network communications. This will allow many more manufacturers and consumers to enjoy the vast benefits that USB 3.0 offers.

Etron will continue to promote USB 3.0 applications, help solidify its customers’ competitive advantages and enhance their product development, and lead the flourishing of USB 3.0 technology in the 3C industry.