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Etron Announces that its EV166 USB 3.0 Single-Channel Flash Drive Controller SoC

Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) announces that its EV166 USB 3.0 single-channel flash drive controller IC has received USB-IF certification. The EV166 incorporates advanced Error Check and Correction (ECC), supporting SLC/ MLC/TLC NAND flash memories made of 3x nm, 2x nm, and 1x nm advanced CMOS technologies from many flash memory manufacturers. In addition, the EV166 supports high speed Toggle mode, ONFI 2.2 DDR NAND and asynchronous flash interface. The EV166 adopts the QFP 48-pin package, making it suitable for 14mmx28mm 2-layer PCB designs. This supports system manufacturers’ objectives of minimizing size and weight, helps reduce overall manufacturing costs, and allows easy upgrading given the similar package as USB 2.0 controllers in QFP 48-pin packages.

Etron Technology’s EV166, using single-channel architecture and offering high-performance USB 3.0 speeds at low costs, will help system manufacturers develop a new generation of USB 3.0 flash drive products, thus assisting consumers to convert to USB 3.0 and accelerating the popularity of the overall USB 3.0 flash drive market. The EV166 is targeted for volume production in the 2nd quarter of 2012.

“Etron’s EV166 USB 3.0 Flash Drive Controller has reached a blazing fast transfer rate in single-channel flash – 150 megabytes per second for sequential read with sync flash. The EV166 minimizes the system size of USB 3.0 flash drives and reduces the cost per transmitted bit. It will help provide higher-performing flash drives to end-consumers. For Etron’s customers, the EV166 will allow even faster design and development of USB 3.0 flash controller-driven products. Receiving SuperSpeed USB certification from the international USB-IF is a further sign of the quality of Etron’s product. Accelerating the popularity of USB 3.0 will also promote the prosperity of the industry as a whole,” said Dr. Nicky Lu, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Etron Technology, Inc.

In addition to the SuperSpeed USB certified, USB 3.0 single-channel flash drive controller EV166, Etron also offers dual-channel and quad-channel USB 3.0 flash drive controllers, along with a full range of SuperSpeed USB host/device solutions. Etron provides system customers with the most comprehensive and rapidly developed product range, helping to create strong win-win partnerships with system manufacturers. Notably, all of Etron’s cutting-edge USB 3.0 controller ICs are developed with in-house intellectual property (IP), combining the advantages of high-performance flash technology, USB 3.0 physical layer (PHY) and controller layer IP and software design, and unleashing top performance of ultra-high-speed USB 3.0 flash applications.

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