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eEver’s USB Type-C Cable ID Controller-EJ903x that supports USB-IF’s Latest USB4® v2.0 Specification to Enable USB 80Gbps Performance of Four channels, Bi-directional Data Transmission over the USB Type-C® Cable and Connector

Growing demand out of the new-generation servers, audio-visual streaming, 5G, cloud servers, electric vehicles are driving the infrastructure expansion. Thus, it is increased the traffic of high-speed accordingly. eEver Technology, Inc. has announced its USB Type-C Cable ID Controller-EJ903x now supports USB-IF’s latest USB4® v2.0 specification to enable USB 80Gbps performance over the USB Type-C® Cable and Connector. At present, more than three cable manufactures have employed EJ903x to their cable is believed that the cable embedded with EJ903x will soon be certificated by USB-IF and delivered to the market shortly.

The international USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) officially announced USB4 v2.0 on October 18 this year, with four channels to aggregate the maximize data transmission up to 80Gbps for bi-directional transmission. In order to provide high-speed transmission and greatly increase the transmission traffic such as audio-visual streaming services, social media, metaverse, e-commerce, 5G cloud servers, and electric vehicles. The USB Type- The C Cable ID Controller – EJ903x now supports the USB4 v2.0 specification. Based on the new physical layer architecture, the transmission speed is doubled to 80Gbps. It can be commonly used in the existing 40 Gbps USB Type-C passive transmission line or the new definition 80 Gbps USB Type-C active transmission line.

According to the survey, the compound annual growth rate of IP traffic in global data centers has reached 29% in the past five years. In the future, audio-visual streaming services, social media, Metaverse, e-commerce, and 5G-driven high-speed transmission will all increase transmission traffic. The USB Type C universal interface can be used for transmission of data, video, audio, etc., and of course it can also be used for charging. Among them, the Cable ID Controller interprets and provides information and plays an important role in communication. EJ903x the USB Type-C Cable ID Controller-reports the transmission rate, power, even response of the linking mechanism. Thus, customers can easily grasp the Type-C cable information, enhance the user experience of “one cable to connect all.”

eEver Tech has always been an important partner of high-speed transmission cable manufacturers. USB has always been mainly used to transmit data. However, after the emergence of the USB-C interface, it integrates data, video, and power transmission in the same time. In the USB 4 specification, it also supports PCIe/ DisplayPort/ Thunderbolt and other transmission protocols. Make its leading position in the mainstream high-speed transmission. eEver Tech is a global supplier of comprehensive USB Type-C solutions. It was originally the business unit of high-speed interface control chip of  Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) and was spun off into an independent subsidiary that providing integrated USB high-speed transmission interface, power supply, Type -C and audio-visual capture and other technologies, develop innovative and high-performance USB Type-C solutions. With the increasing popularity and maturity of consumer electronics and digital technology, technologies such as high speed transmission will be widely used. eEVer Tech is the best partners that system manufacturers can co-up with for timely develop various electronic products with USB Type-C connectors. System manufacturers are welcome to experience the innovative and industrial leading products and explore collaboration business opportunities.


About eEver Technology, Inc

eEver Technology, Inc. is a leading global USB Type-C solution design and product company, specializing in high speed transfer interface, power delivery, and audio/video streaming as core technologies, and in developing high performance USB-Type-C solutions. Its world-class track record of helping its clients succeed and develop USB Type-C system products enables systems providers to capitalize on this emerging and fast-growing market.


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Etron Technology, Incorporated (TPEx: 5351.TW) is a world-class fabless IC and Heterogeneous Integration (HI) Silicon design house with products ranging from Consumer Electronics DRAM (CEDRAM), Known-Good-Die Memory (KGDM), RPCTM (Reduced-Pin-Count) DRAM; USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C high speed switch/mux controller with Power Delivery; and 3D Depthmap and Stereoscopic Vision Sensing & Spherical Image-Processing ICs and Subsystems.






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