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DeCloakVision, a trustable multimodal AI privacy-enhanced surveillance system, distinguishes itself in the field of artificial intelligence, receiving 2024 CES Innovation Award.

DeCloak Intelligences has been honored with the CES Innovation Award for two consecutive years and continues to be dedicated to safeguarding your personal privacy and security in today’s modern society filled with surveillance systems



DeCloak Intelligences has been honored with the CES Innovation Award for two consecutive years. This year’s recognition is attributed to its innovative privacy-centric facial recognition and monitoring solution – DeCloakVision: a multimodal artificial intelligence-enhanced surveillance system. In compliance with GDPR regulations, it effectively strikes a balance between safeguarding individual privacy and facilitating targeted observation and tracking for specific activities. Designed to operate on both cloud and edge computing platforms, it provides flexibility and scalability to meet diverse monitoring needs. The system also incorporates decentralized artificial intelligence models, utilizing differential privacy and quantum-safe homomorphic encryption techniques to achieve secure and anonymous tracking without compromising identity or public privacy. The award-winning product, DeCloakVision, will be showcased at the Etron CES booth.


DeCloak is set to once again be a focal point at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, CES, in January 2024. Its products have stood out among thousands of global entries, earning both of the CES 2023 and 2024 Innovation Award. DeCloak received the award at CES 2023 for its Obfuscated Image Deep Learning Facial Recognition System – DeCloakFace. In CES 2024, the Trustable Multimodal AI Privacy-Enhanced Surveillance System – DeCloakVision received recognition once again, making it a consecutive two-time winner of the CES Innovation Award. This underscores DeCloak’s outstanding strength in the international arena of innovation and research and development.




In today’s society, surveillance systems are ubiquitous, posing a challenge in effectively safeguarding individual privacy while maintaining public safety. To address this issue, DeCloak has successfully developed the Trustable Multimodal AI Privacy-Enhanced Surveillance System, DeCloakVision. This system utilizes sophisticated obfuscation techniques to protect facial image data and employs body masking and tracking functionalities within surveillance systems. It can identify individuals on blacklists or whitelists without storing raw facial images, preventing sensitive personal facial photos from being uploaded to the cloud or stored, thereby eliminating the possibility of privacy breaches. Additionally, DeCloakVision utilizes highly secure deep neural network (DNN) models with homomorphic encryption for anonymous image searches, making it ideal for event analysis and investigations while ensuring absolute privacy and security.


In the authentication process, no original facial photos are stored or transmitted, effectively preventing any leakage of facial privacy. DeCloakVision also incorporates quantum-safe technology, focusing on privacy and security protection, and this innovative concept is poised to attract widespread attention across industries. In the context of surveillance-filled smart cities, DeCloakVision achieves a balance between public safety and individual privacy, presenting a solution where both can coexist. This innovation promises to offer robust support not only for the future development of smart cities but also for home security, business intelligence in smart retail, and other related fields.





About DeCloak

DeCloak’s privacy computing solutions can be deployed through either software or hardware. With DeCloak’s patented corresponding AI prediction algorithm, all data processed can remain highly analyzable while preserving total privacy. The processed data is transmitted to the background or cloud in a de-identified format, and enterprises can use the AI ​​prediction model to run data analysis and architect big data trends.


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