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Currently the World’s First E-Marker Supplier to achieve USB-IF Certification for USB4& Intel Certification for Thunderbolt™4 EJ903

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Issue Date: Sep 21, 2020Currently the World’s First E-Marker Supplier to achieve USB-IF Certification for USB4TM & Intel Certification for Thunderbolt™4 USB PD 3.0 E-Marker Transmission Line Control IC, EJ903, Now Certified by USB-IF for USB4™ and Intel for Thunderbolt™4 Advancing High-Quality, Top-Performance Cables to MarketSEMICON Taiwan, Taipei, September 2020 – eEver Technology, Inc. and Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) jointly announce that their new USB Type-C® E-Marker controller IC, EJ903, has been certified by USB-IF for USB4TM Cables and Intel for ThunderboltTM4 Cables. This positions eEver and Etron Tech as the world’s first supplier of USB-IF certified USB4TM & Intel certified ThunderboltTM4 E-Marker ICs, advancing next-generation, top-performing electrical cables to the market. “eEver and Etron Tech are pleased to be the first in the world to achieve USB4™ certification by the USB-IF and Thunderbot™4 certification by Intel. Customers that are using EJ903 E-Marker have successfully passed Intel certification to obtain Lightning signs marked on the Thunderbolt cable,” said Dr. Nicky Lu, Etron and eEver Chairman & CEO. “With the certified E-Marker Controller IC, EJ903, system manufacturers can quickly develop and commercialize USB4TM and ThunderboltTM4 cables. This ensures USB4™ and/or Thunderbolt™ 4 cable characteristics are quickly identifiable by the host, which benefits the electronic industry as a whole.”“USB Type-C will help simplify the lives of consumers by providing a single-cable for data rates up to 40Gbps with USB4™ and up to 100W of power via USB Power Delivery (USB PD),” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President & COO. “USB-IF member companies like Etron that develop USB PD E-Markers for cable products are vital to enabling a truly single cable solution. EJ903 is now certified by USB-IF. It supports USB-C® cables for dual-channel transmission and data rates of up to 40Gbps (Gigabits per second, or 1 billion bits per second). Moreover, EJ903 supports USB PD 3.0. It reports the length of the transmission line, the I/O interface at both ends of the transmission, the current and transmission data rate capabilities of a cable, thus supporting the desired performance for customers and end-users. The key to the USB4™ specification is using the existing USB-C cable for dual-channel transmission, which can achieve a data rate of up to 40Gbps. Thus, it can effectively share the available bandwidth of the bus. The USB cable facilitates the transmission of 4K HDR signals and massive file transfers, thus making significant progress in practicality and performance of USB hubs and USB-equipped computers, laptops, motherboards, etc. The convergence of the underlying Thunderbolt and USB protocols in USB4™ will increase compatibility with more advantages: Facilitate power negotiations up to 100W via USB PD 3.0, data rates up to 40Gbps from USB4™ , and the ability to connect two 4K HDR displays or one 8K display. USB-IF announced the release of the USB4™ specification in September 2019. Both eEver and Etron have seized the opportunity to use the E-Marker IC EJ903 to support USB4™ accordingly. Now, as the first supplier with USB4™ certification by USB-IF and Thunderbolt™4 certification by Intel, eEver and Etron are well-positioned to help customers maximize value from this exciting new opportunity. The companies welcome system manufacturers to jointly develop USB4™ cables. Both eEver and Etron will display complete USB4TM & Thunderbolt™4 cable solutions and USB Audio/Video Capture IC Solutions at the Heterogeneous Integration Innovation Zone, SEMICON Taiwan 2020. We sincerely invite you to visit the booth at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, 1F, #I3016, during the SEMICON Taiwan 2020 exhibition from September 23rd to 25th, 2020.