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[Computex 2024] eYs3D Microelectronics Unveils the Multi-Camera Sensing System - SenseLink, Providing a Versatile Machine Vision Sensing Solution for Smart Applications




[Computex 2024]

eYs3D Microelectronics Unveils the Multi-Camera Sensing System – SenseLink, Providing a Versatile Machine Vision Sensing Solution for Smart Applications


eYs3D Microelectronics, with years of expertise in the fields of 3D sensing and computer vision, is a subsidiary of Etron Tech (TPEx: 5351). It has recently launched SenseLink, a multi-camera sensing system chip designed to enhance visual AI sensing capabilities. This technology utilizes advanced sensor fusion techniques to integrate data from multiple sensors, greatly enhancing AI computing capabilities and providing powerful visual sensing solutions for smart applications.

The SenseLink multi-camera sensing system from eYs3D has the capability to receive signals from multiple cameras. Equipped with eCV5546 and eSP930, it can simultaneously connect to up to 7 cameras, providing flexible options for camera configuration with adjustable multi-directionality and angles, meeting the diverse needs of different application scenarios. With three built-in sets of performance image signal processors (ISPs), including two color ISPs and one black and white ISP, it can achieve image processing with different resolutions and color specifications within a single system, enhancing the diversity and flexibility of image processing. Furthermore, it supports rich META-DATA, facilitating the transmission of various consistent information through independent digital channels, including automatic exposure data, optical flow, special timestamps, and other data from heterogeneous sensor settings, improving the accuracy of data processing and analysis. With the rapid development of AI, SenseLink is expected to demonstrate its outstanding performance in fields such as smart homes, industrial automation, and medical assistance, creating convenient and user-friendly experiences for users.

In the field of machine vision applications in AI development, eYs3D’s SenseLink possesses several advantages. Firstly, in high-speed multi-camera applications, it can capture multiple images within milliseconds, instantly capturing changes in objects or scenes. It provides high sensitivity to motion, micro-motions, and deformations, suitable for robot vision scenarios requiring high sensitivity. Secondly, it features a multi-focal heterogeneous camera array, allowing different lenses to capture images with varying depths of field, covering image capture at different distances; it provides clear visual effects from short to long distances, suitable for optical inspection (AOI) and industrial automation. Additionally, in wide-area object tracking camera applications, multiple camera arrays are oriented in different directions, achieving a close to 360-degree high-definition panoramic view using multiple cameras. This allows for object tracking within a wide field of view without the need for moving mechanical parts, thus preventing the loss of targets. When combined with AI object detection technology, it can more accurately identify specific objects.

With its powerful multi-camera access and image processing capabilities, eYs3D’s SenseLink is poised to become a key tool in enhancing visual AI sensing performance. This innovative technology not only provides advanced visual solutions for various application scenarios but also paves the way for future smart applications. eYs3D will continue to dedicate itself to technological innovation, driving the development of AI technology and bringing to the market more intelligent and efficient solutions.

Sense and React Human-Machine Interaction Developer Interface

In the development of AI and the metaverse, the demand for machine vision in electronic products has multiplied. Combining LLM (Large Language Models) and achieving intelligent control through human-machine interaction is paramount. eYs3D will showcase the Sense and React developer interface at Computex 2024. This innovative technology integrates LLM (Large Language Models) with CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) sensing technology, aiming to set a new standard for future intelligent human- machine interaction. The core concept of this technology lies in utilizing sensing technology to perceive and comprehend the environment in advance and triggering action commands and language prompts through LLM. It enables machine devices to issue instructions or engage in natural language interaction with users, ushering in a new era of human-machine interface technology. eYs3D’s Sense and React demonstrates the potential of cutting-edge technology in intelligent applications, providing leading smart solutions and opening up new horizons for future human-machine interaction.”

Sense and React possesses environment perception and cognition, action triggering and language prompts, adaptability, and flexibility, making it a new generation human-machine interaction interface. In terms of environment perception and cognition, through CNN sensing technology, the system efficiently perceives the surrounding environment, capturing subtle changes and dynamics. This enables the machine to understand its environment in real-time, making more accurate judgments and decisions. Regarding action triggering and language prompts, through LLM technology, the system generates corresponding action commands and language prompts based on sensor data. This not only enables the machine to execute complex tasks but also interacts with users through natural language, enhancing user experience convenience and intelligence. The adaptability and flexibility of Sense and React allow it to adjust according to different application scenarios, adapting to various complex environments. This feature enables the technology to be widely applied in multiple fields such as smart homes, industrial automation, and medical assistance. Sense and React can be hailed as the new generation human-machine interaction interface, achieving more intuitive and intelligent communication through natural language, eliminating the complexity of traditional control methods, making technology easier for ordinary users to grasp and use, and providing a completely new interactive experience.

The application scenarios of Sense and React include: Smart Homes – Through this technology, smart home devices can sensitively perceive the home environment and automatically adjust according to user voice commands, such as lighting, temperature, and security systems. Industrial Automation – In the industrial sector, this technology can enhance the autonomy of robots, achieve precise environmental perception and action execution, and improve production efficiency and safety. Medical Assistance – In the medical field, this technology can be used to assist in the operation of medical devices, achieve precise control through natural language commands, and enhance the convenience and accuracy of medical services.

Welcome to visit Etron Technology Group’s booth at COMPUTEX 2024, where you can experience the most advanced AI electronic solutions. As a pioneer of continuous innovation, Etron realizes IC system products through intelligence, autonomy, connectivity, and privacy, mimicking the functions of the human brain, eyes, and nerves while ensuring privacy. We are dedicated to enriching life and invite you to explore the future of AI together! Visit us from June 4-7, 2024, at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, 4F R0908, and USB-IF at Hall 1, 4F N0607a.


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