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[Computex 2023] eYs3D's computer vision solution has successfully been implemented in service robots and metaverse

With the global digital transformation and technological innovation, more and more industries are moving towards intelligence, among which computer vision technology has shown strong potential for application in various fields of digital transformation. Especially in smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart agriculture, metaverse, AIoT and other areas, computer vision has become an indispensable technology for intelligent transformation in many industries.


After years of deep cultivation in computer vision, eYs3D has gradually implemented its computer vision solutions in the fields of robots and AR metaverse, achieving remarkable results. In the field of robotics, in addition to previously integrating the eCapture G50 camera module into robot arms, precise identification and grabbing of objects have been achieved through computer vision technology, enabling efficient assembly and processing operations. Moreover, a certain large factory in Taiwan has introduced an autonomous navigation AGV robot developed with the eCapture G100 stereo camera module, and the computer vision information is used for path planning to achieve simultaneous autonomous localization and mapping, intelligent perception and other functions, thereby automating factory transportation.


This year, eYs3D has successfully introduced its smallest module product, eCapture G53, into new startup robots. Through the application of computer vision technology, it provides service robots with more intelligent and convenient object recognition and obstacle avoidance. Computer vision technology performs outstandingly in object recognition and obstacle avoidance. With advanced deep learning algorithms and efficient image processing technology, robots can quickly and accurately identify surrounding objects and respond accordingly. This enables the robots to autonomously avoid obstacles, ensuring safe and smooth movement.


In addition, eYs3D’s visual technology has also played an important role in metaverse AR games. It has successfully incorporated computer vision into the Ultraman Transformation Battle interactive game machine developed by a well-known video game company, realizing immersive virtual interactive experiences through object and character recognition in the real and virtual worlds. The application of computer vision technology enables players to have more intelligent and natural experiences in virtual worlds, such as choosing equipment, using props, and interacting with other characters, which enhances the fun and sense of immersion in the game. Metaverse games can provide more realistic



and rich virtual worlds, attracting more players to participate.


It can be foreseen that with the continuous progress and maturity of computer vision technology, its application in the fields of robotics and AR metaverse will become increasingly widespread. In the future, these technologies will no longer be limited to the industrial and entertainment sectors, but will also involve education, healthcare, transportation and other areas, bringing more convenience and help to people’s lives. We will continue to work hard to promote the development of visual technology and bring more interactive experiences and value to the future.


If you are interested in experiencing the interaction and applications of 3D image sensing, we welcome you to visit eYs3D Microelectronics’ booth (Booth Number Q1212, 1st floor, Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2) or Etron Booth (N0302, 4th Floor, Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Cent) during the 2023 InnoVEX exhibition, held from May 30th to June 2nd in conjunction with Computex & InnoVEX.





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