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[Computex 2016]Etron Demonstrates Automotive “Smart Car” Applications Enabled By Its Innovative Automotive Known-Good-Dies (KGD) Memory, USB Type-C Controller, Spherical 360°x3D Controller, and Automo

Addressing the rapidly growing area of “Smart Car” in the IoT space, Etron Technology (TPEx: 5351.TW) will showcase its offerings of Known-Good-Dies (KGD) memory, USB Type-C Controller, Spherical 360°x3D Controller, and Automotive LED Drivers. Etron will demonstrate the system products enabled by these innovative solutions, e.g. Audio Visual Navigation (AVN), Spherical 360°x3D Video Capture, Driver’s State Detection and Gesture Control for Adaptive Driving Support, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), and Automotive LED Lighting for “Smart Car” applications. Etron welcomes companies to experience these innovative solutions and meet the Etron Team at Computex 2016. Seeing the increasing demand for “Smart Car” applications, including car audio/AV systems and electric vehicles, Etron has self-developed Known-Good-Die (KGD) and Discrete memory solutions aimed at the automotive field, with integrated system-in-a-package (SIP) and multi-chip package (MCP) technologies, satisfying the market’s long desired needs. Etron’s memory products have a full range of density from 8Mb to 4Gb. Etron provides customized services and optimizes cost-effectiveness and reliability to help system customers successfully develop “Smart Car” applications. Etron actively partners with customers with flexibility, agility, speed, and product diversification, and thus has had deep and long-term partner relationships with industrial and automotive companies in Taiwan and worldwide. Etron’s KGD memory solutions have been successfully used by system manufacturers for Audio Visual Navigation. Etron’s specialty buffer memory has been widely adopted in many different system products due to its high quality, high efficiency, low power consumption, and high cost-effectiveness. With these advantages ideally fitting the needs of automotive products, Etron’s specialty buffer memory is the best choice for system customers to develop killer “Smart Car” applications. To facilitate system manufacturers to quickly design-in, Etron will be showcasing its product offering for “Smart Car” at its booth at Computex 2016 during May 31 – Jun 4. Please visit Etron at No.D0725a, Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center. In addition, Etron’s automotive system application will be jointly exhibited with worldwide semiconductor manufacturers in a US roadshow at Detroit and San Francisco. Etron welcomes automotive manufacturers to jointly develop system products for a win-win proposition. For further information, or to request a meeting at Computex 2016, please contact:Corporate Spokesperson:Mr. Joshua HsuCorporate Deputy Spokesperson:Ms. Justine TsaiMs. Natalie Yu Tel: +886-3-578-2345 *8668Email: