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[CES 2020]eYs3D Microelectronics Partners with Etron Tech to Jointly Launch AI Edge Computing and Deep Learning Development Platform – Single/Dual/Multiple Lenses 3D Vision (ThingCapture) Camera Mod

Benefiting from the deploying of artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) algorithms into computer vision for AI human-machine collaboration, 3D stereo computing vision can generate recognition results accurately, and the response and processing speed are dramatically improved. Thus, equipped with 3D stereo computing vision hardware devices has become an imperative need for the image recognition. It is necessary to meet the different needs of different applications & scenarios with various solutions of 3D vision.At CES2020, eYs3D Microelectronics and Etron Tech (TPEx: 5351.TW) will demonstrate the AI human-machine collaboration, AI Edge Computing and Deep Learning Value-Added Development Platform, which includes Single, Dual and Multiple Lenses 3D Vision (ThingCaptureTM) Camera Module. Combined with eYs3D’s exclusive SDK development kit with Machine Learning framework, e.g. TensorFlow, it can realize the image recognition, 3D gesture recognition, 3D effect similar to Hologram, etc. The trained AI model can be converted, deployed, and implemented in the AI edge.1.Single Lens ThingCaptureTM Vision ModuleThis solution mainly meets the consumer electronics players’ needs, providing 180-degrees 2D image capture with a single lens camera. Embedded with eYs3D’s eSP777 controller IC, this module is powered with several image processing technologies, e.g. de-warping & correction, accelerating AI inference of the edge, achieving image refinement, and producing 8Mp ultra-wide-angle color images. It can revolutionize the consumer electronics with high-definition image quality for various AI applications. 2.Dual Lenses ThingCaptureTM Vision Module-EX8059This is an entry-level, best price-performance 3D vision camera with prices starting from $80 which can be used for gesture control applications in ML/AI Environments with view angles from 50 to 90 degrees, etc. It employs a dual-lens camera – EX8059 module, which can produce real time high-resolution depthmap at 1Mp@60FPS, RGB color images, and 1Mp@30FPS point cloud images.3.Multiple Lenses ThingCaptureTM Vision Module- EX8040SThis is a high-end 3D stereo depthmap computing vision solution for AL/ML. Equipped with eYs3D EX8040S module, 3D image and AI technology to realize 3D stereo image capture. Combined 3D 1080P depthmap@24FPS with 8Mp color image to form point-cloud image of the captured scene or character, through wired or wireless transmission, then the captured scene or character can be reproduced remotely in form of 3D Holographic images for augmented reality and 3D scene reconstruction with very competitive pricing.eYs3D Microelectronics and Etron Tech will demonstrate Single, Dual and Multiple Lenses 3D Vision (ThingCaptureTM) Camera Modules at CES2020. Developers of software and hardware of AI / ML machine vision are welcome to visit us. We sincerely invite you to visit Booth No. 21815, South Hall 1, LVCC during the CES exhibition from January 7 to 10, 2020.