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[CES 2016] World Leading Brand for USB Type-C: Etron Technology, Inc. USB Type-C E-Marker Cable ID Controller: EJ901 USB Alternate Mode Micro-Controller IC: EJ898 Have Both Received USB Type-CTM Cer

(Jan 5, LAS VEGAS) Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) announces that its USB Type-C E-Marker Cable ID Controller: EJ901, and its USB Alternate Mode Micro-Controller IC: EJ898, have received USB Type-CTM Certification from the USB-IF. As a world leading brand for USB Type-C with deep industry insight, Etron forecasts rapidly increasing demand in both the USB Type-C market and the cable market. The EJ901 is the best USB Type-C Cable controller available, supporting USB Power Delivery (PD) 2.0. Controlling transfer rates, amperage and power, both ends of the transfer I/O interfaces, and data lines, the EJ901 provides high reliability and trustworthiness for USB Type-C Cables.

Meanwhile, Etron’s USB Alternate Mode Micro-Controller, the EJ898, supporting Display Port, has also received USB-IF’s USB Type-CTM Certification. The EJ898 conforms to the USB PD Controller of USB Power Delivery Rev. 2.0 specification from USB-IF and supports all PD standard profiles from 5V/2A 10W up to 20V/5A 100W. The EJ898C, USB Alternate Mode Micro-Controller chipset, supports display up to 4K x 2K and high quality 60FPS frame rate, providing consumers more flexibility on USB data transfer, power, and high resolution of audio and video.

With USB Type-C market penetration increasing significantly, Etron understands systems vendors are eager to launch solutions rapidly and seize the market opportunities. Etron helps all domestic and international customers quickly grab these opportunities with its complete solutions developed with many years of experience in the USB field. Etron welcomes system vendors to adopt Etron’s Type-C / PD Controller ICs which are certified by USB-IF. For further information, please visit

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