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[CES 2016] Etron Unveils World’s Leading OK363TM Mobile 3D Image Capturing System, a Necessity for the Virtual Reality Era

(Jan 5, LAS VEGAS) Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) announces its breakthrough new product, the OK363TM System. It operates easily with a smartphone (currently compatible with Android with more operating system support to come) and takes only 30 seconds to capture 3D head sculpture data and perform 3D modeling. With its internal app, a VR Creating QF (abbreviated for CuteFigurine), or a 3D avatar, can be built through using hundreds of embedded options for hairstyles and body models. The OK363TM system allows the sharing of QFs with family and friends via the Internet, making VR more fun and interactive. The QF can also be 3D printed into lifelike figurines if desired. Thus, users can enjoy the experience of VR and 3D printing with Etron’s elegant, integrated system.
The OK363TM system can be used with a smartphone, as Etron’s ThingCapture® technology has low power consumption, great convenience and high cost-effectiveness, thus allowing anyone with a smartphone to rapidly and easily create virtual 3D avatars.

3D OK363TM Image Capturing System
Utilizes Etron’s Proprietary ThingCapture® Technology and
SSquare Magic Kiosk SDK

This system platform utilizes a 3D scanning dual lens setup to capture 3D images in a natural light environment. With the advantages of high IC integration, it can instantly capture and process the needed information for 3D printing, including 3D images, 3D modeling, texture features, and more. To rapidly seize the market opportunity of VR and 3D scanning, Etron is collaborating with SSquare, an international software developer, to release a new Software Development Kit (SDK) called Magic Kiosk. This allows users to play with hundreds of design options for their QFs (3D avatars) and then to print the QF as a super-realistic 3D portrait. Create and choose from hundreds of designs for custom 3D action figures today!

VR Creating QF (CuteFigurine) by OK363TM Based on
ThingCapture® with Proprietary ICs and Software

From the creation of 3D avatars to a super-realistic 3D Cute Figurine, the OK363TM has simplified the creative process greatly. It takes only 30 seconds to complete the whole process of personal 3D image capturing, easy 3D printing without software editing, and sharing 3D figurines online. Along with Magic Kiosk’s cloud computing and modeling storage, creating QFs and 3D printing can be fun and easy.

Etron will display and demonstrate its new “OK363TM Mobile 3D Image Capturing System” and the SSquare Magic Kiosk SDK at CES 2016. Please visit Etron at Booth No. 35700 in South Hall 4 of the Las Vegas Convention Center during January 6-9. Etron’s extensive world-class track record of helping its clients succeed will enable system providers to capitalize on this emerging market opportunity. Etron’s “OK363TM Mobile 3D Image Capturing System” Based on ThingCapture® with Proprietary ICs and Software will also be introduced online: please visit OK363@YouTube (, or for more information.

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