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[CES 2016] Etron Rolls Out its Killer Virtual Reality Product: the

(Jan 5, LAS VEGAS) Virtual reality (VR) is regarded as one of the hottest areas in technology and of CES 2016. The fever of VR has driven key international players in both software and hardware to develop many new relevant products and platforms. Etron Technology (TPEx: 5351.TW) unveils its “eYsGlobe™”, a 360-degree camera with Etron’s ICs inside and an application software kit included, utilizing only two lens and sensor sets back-to-back. This simple and elegant setup is all that is needed to fulfill panoramic photography, creating the very best cost-price solution.

Panoramic recording is now the hottest trend in video. Etron’s eYsGlobe™ 360-degree camera is a breakthrough product that can take high-definition full-panorama videos with no dead space to satisfy VR entertainment and experience needs.

As Etron Technology’s Founder, Chairman & CEO Dr. Nicky Lu notes, major international tech companies have been launching new VR software and hardware solutions: for example, Google’s low-priced Cardboard, which provides easy and affordable access to VR experiences, and Youtube’s 360-degree platform, which makes panoramic video the next big thing for online video. At this critical juncture in the rapidly growing VR space, Etron Technology rolls out its eYsGlobe™ 360-degree camera.

Etron’s eYsGlobe™ 360-degree camera can be used with PCs, tablets and cellphones, greatly simplifying panoramic video taking, enabling much more VR content creation and sharing online. As Dr. Lu points out, VR has fundamentally changed the viewer’s point-of-view from that of an outside observer to that of a participant in the scene. This dramatic advancement will unleash new, more entertaining experiences and many product and business opportunities. Etron’s eYsGlobe™ 360-degree camera enables this by making it a piece of cake to create panoramic VR video.

To experience VR 360-degree panoramic video taking live, Etron Technology will present its eYsGlobe™ 360-degree camera to you at CES 2016. We sincerely welcome you to Etron’s booth during January 6-9 at Booth No. 35700, South Hall 4, Las Vegas Convention Center. For further information, please visit

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