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[CES 2016] <Etron's New Products Target Major Technological Trends> Etron Releases Multiple IC Platforms to Enable Further Growth in Six New Trending Application Areas We Welcome System Customers to

“363” Surrounding Camera: eYsGlobeTM
Addressing the Virtual Reality era, Etron launches the “363 Surrounding Camera: eYsGlobeTM” for 360-degree seamless circular surround recording. The elegant eYsGlobeTM is a complete and simple system solution, only requiring a front and back camera, two CMOS sensors, an Etron IC and Etron’s software. The eYsGlobeTM has the best cost-performance, enabling people to use their mobile devices easily to record all around in 360 degrees, creating Virtual Reality experience content which can be easily shared through your social network!

Drone Using eYs3DTM-12-Model PWTTM (Proximity-Wide-Tall)
Imagine a drone equipped with a wide-angle (130-degree field of view) lens which can calculate distances (~15 meters) or even capture 3D depth-map data and measure object sizes! Etron releases its new, proprietary product, the “Drone Using eYs3DTM-12-Model PWTTM”, which will enable many new applications. For example, now drones can easily avoid objects in their path, avoiding contact and costly crashes. Drones can also calculate distances and adjust their speed for smooth landings!

Body Measure: eYs3DTM-6-Model Presenting New App, UtailorUR jeanTM & eYs3DTM-12-Model PWTTM Presenting App, QQ-Mirror
Etron has built an image capturing and measuring device called the eYs3DTM, which connects with various computers (for example, laptops or desktops running Windows or Mac OS). Now, with Etron’s proprietary 3D Special Depth-Map IC+ platform, the eYs3DTM can not only create clear pictures but also precisely capture facial and body data in 3D, allowing for measurements or 3D printing. This enables a new wave of personalization applications. Etron has already developed a number of proprietary apps: for example, one app allows for the easy design and creation of custom-fitting jeans, while another allows height profiles to be generated from photos of people. No more need for height gauges to measure your children or to compare heights – the eYs3DTM is the easiest-to-use virtual 3D ruler!

VR Creating QF (CuteFigure) by OK363TM Based on ThingCapture® with Proprietary IC and Software
Last year, Etron led the world in launching the ThingCapture® platform and IC, which enables easy recording of 3D objects, quick conversion to digital data points (x, y, z), and modeling into 3D objects with proprietary software and algorithms to be transmitted on the Internet or 3D printed into lifelike figurines. This technology has already received very favorable reviews. In 2015, ThingCapture® officially entered the commercialization stage, including an announcement on a collaboration with SSquare , a world-class software development company, and the introduction of the OK363TM/ThingCapture®, which operates with smartphones, especially those with ARM processors and Android OS. This system allows for the customization and creation of 3D avatars and figures. For example, users can capture 3D images of their face and combine them with their favorite characters (such as athletes, cartoon characters, and others) and digitize them as 3D action figures or avatars. These can then be transmitted as 3D objects on the Internet or printed into 3D figurines. 3D figurines have rapidly been becoming a popular memory preserving approach, and Etron’s proprietary system will further accelerate this trend.

Virtual Reality (VR):「OK363TM – ThingCapture®」
The Virtual Reality era is now upon us, particularly in gaming, and Etron is making substantial contributions to the VR economy with its specialized, proprietary products. For example, Etron’s self-designed platform which combines Etron’s OK363 and Ssquare software on Android OS smartphones in a one-piece device for 3D capturing and modeling. The 3D output can then be inserted into 3D electronic systems such as game consoles, 3D glasses, or VR headsets, to be fully experienced or enjoyed to the users’ desires.

Robot Eyes: eYs3DTM-12-Model PWTTM
With the advent of Industry 4.0, robots not only need to have the ability to see, but also the capability for identification and distance measurement. Etron’s 3D Depth-Map measurement technology provides the best cost-performance with the eYs3DTM-12-Model PWTTM. Etron’s product has synchronized image adjustment and distance and size measurement capabilities within its hardware and software. This is an indispensable IC and platform for robots’ productivity and will augment the growth of the robotics sector.

Are you curious? Excited? Imagine the unlimited business opportunities which can be unleashed by Etron’s new proprietary products and platforms! For the new global electronic trends indicated above, Etron can directly provide you with a variety of options: you can use Etron’s platforms, software and ICs for a full turnkey solution to develop affordable 3D Vision + ObjectCapture® or Measurement System products; Etron can also jointly develop and go into mass production on programs, platforms and ICs to meet your new system’s requirements. The era when sizes and distances of 3D objects can be quickly captured by microelectronic systems is now here, and Etron is the best partner with cost-effective technology and great production capacity to help you tap into the vast and growing market opportunities!

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